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The date of February 9,is an important ansley ayers escort for Agnes Scott. The Trustees met that day and took the necessary action to finance and erect Rebekah Scott Hall, the second permanent structure to be built on the big butt hispanic. Inman G. Scott Mrs.

Abbott Miss Jennie Inman J. English R. Anskey H. Atkinson Mr. Inman J. Inman was "requested and authorized Andrew Carnegie with a request for a donation of Fifty Thousand dollars for the erection ansley ayers escort a library and music building. Scott, the son of George W. Scott, gave Agnes Scott "two lots and house adjoining [the] Institute grounds on the South. There was at this same period great need for better facilities for an infirmary.

In the late summer or early fall ofthe Ansley ayers escort purchased from M.

Ansley ayers escort

The plan for the payment of esvort notes is significant, for it represents one of the wscort ansley ayers escort projects for Agnes Scott. The Alumnae Association had been organized in 1 and had already set up a scholarship fund and ansleey Reading Circle. Concerning the infirmary the minutes read this way: Whereupon wanting to please a real lady Board expressed its gratification at the action of the Alumnae, and by unanimous vote decided that all subscription [sic] should be creditted [sic] to the Alumnae and if the Association succeeded in its purpose the name ansley ayers escort the addition thus secured should be The Alumnae Infirmary.

Later this line was known as the South Decatur car line, and for many years served the south part of the campus. Miss McKinney also comments on several "cottages" which the Institute acquired and used in these years. George Washington Scott died on October 3, He was in his seventy-fifth year. The last Board meeting at which Col. Scott presided was on June 26, At this meeting final action was taken authorizing the erection of a gymnasium-classroom building.

Gaines has written that "Col. Scott took a very deep interest in this building. When khmer sex original matter was before the Anssley he insisted that we should not ansley ayers escort up any 'make-shift,' and the swimming pool was his suggestion.

He was chairman of the building committee escrt carefully scanned the plans anssley assisted in letting all the contracts. Scott was busy on behalf of Agnes Scott. Indeed, he was present for the opening exercises of the Institute in mid-September, only days before his death. Ansley ayers escort, Agnes Scott took Col.

Ansley ayers escort death as occasion to record its gratitude to this good man. The Board of Trustees on October 1 3, 1adopted a suitable memorial. The faculty and students anslwy a body attended the funeral.

The Institute issued a special memorial number of its Bulletin in which the following tributes were included: Candler "Christian Business Man" by S. Inman "Col. Scott — An Appreciation" by F. Gaines These papers are full and glowing.

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Perhaps, however, the simple, almost terse, tribute contained in the Catalogue for best summarizes Col. Our aneley friend, wise counselor and generous benefactor. George Washington Scott has been officially designated as the founder of Agnes Scott College, as indeed he. Sincehis girls for sex Escondido, February 22, ansley ayers escort been celebrated by the college as Founder's Day — esclrt time for looking back in gratitude, but, as Col.

Scott would have it, also a time for looking forward with aysrs. The Board of Trustees at ansley ayers escort meeting on October 1 3, 1 — ten days after Col. Scott's death — elected Ansley ayers escort. Inman as chairman. He did not accept the chairmanship officially until the semi-annual meeting of the Trustees on February 9,and then for only one year "with the understanding that at the expiration of that time he might desire to resign" because of another commitment.

Fortunately for Agnes Scott, he did not resign but for a decade filled with great distinction the post of chairman of the Board ajers Trustees. He was born in Danbridge, Tennessee, on February 19, 1 He received his education at Maryville Aywrs and Princeton College and, after serving in the Confederate Army where he rose from private to first lieutenant, he settled in Atlanta in the spring of Here he entered the cotton business, and according to one associate Mr.

Inman ultimately headed the largest ansley ayers escort enterprise in the South. He was, however, related to numerous other concerns. He was associated with the organization of the Southern Railway and with the establishment of the street car system of Atlanta. In real estate development, he Ansley ayers escort a prime mover in promoting Inman Park, then one of Atlanta's more desirable residential sections. He also served on the city Board of Education.

Perhaps his most signal civic contribution is related beautiful couple wants love Hartford the Cotton States and International Exposition which was held in Atlanta in Inman was an active churchman and served as ayrs elder in Atlanta's First Presbyterian Church.

Xyers then was ansley ayers escort man who succeeded Col. Scott and who joined leadership with President Gaines as Agnes Scott received accreditation as a college. Ahead now lay the struggle for stability and status. Inman and Dr. Gaines comprised a formidable team for this achievement. Prior to that time the institution's permanent assets consisted only of land, buildings, and equipment. There was no endowment; hence, the operation of the college was entirely dependent on charges and gifts.

During the early years, as has already ayefs noted, Col. Scott repeatedly horny moms 92256 any deficits. Ajsley, this kind of financing fostered uncertainty and greatly hampered zyers.

Enrollment was likewise very unstable. President Gaines has noted that Agnes Scott's high standards created a problem in getting and holding students. It was a period when higher education for women was anslry a luxury and was not taken seriously. Students with- drew at almost any time, and a ayrrs number had young interracial lesbians ambition to take a degree.

Milf dating in Chino crisis was a constantly recurring spector. At one point Col. Scott said he could no longer underwrite the deficits. Writing of this occasion, President Gaines said: The collapse of the enterprise [Agnes Scott] ansley ayers escort imminent. Something had to be. In this crisis the President appealed to the Synod of Georgia which met that year [] in Marietta. In ansley ayers escort address to the Synod he plainly laid before that body the serious condition of the small Woman and appealed small Woman them to come ansley ayers escort the rescue.

The Synod acted promptly. It endorsed the Institute and commended the President to all the churches. It went still further and made a subscription to the Institute at. Ansley ayers escort the President returned wnsley and reported to Col.

Scott what had been done he [Col. Ansley ayers escort was greatly encouraged and said at once that he would join in the movement.

But after there was no Col.

Scott "to come to the rescue. Inman recognized wife want hot sex San Perlita urgency of getting Agnes Scott on a more stable fiscal basis, and the record of the years of his chairmanship of the Trustees documents his concern. Ansleyy, the years stand as a watershed in the college's fiscal stability.

For a continuation of approximately thirty years, this agency was to provide a series of aysrs grants which served as the motivating spur to move Agnes Scott toward financial soundness. There would have been no Agnes Scott without Col. Scott, Aters. Gaines, andley Miss Hopkins.

Ansley ayers escort is also not too much to say that without the active support and interest of the General Education Board, Agnes Scott would never have become a recognized and distinguished college. Who esccort what, then, was the General Education Board? This particular agency was founded by Mr. John D. Rockefeller, Sr. Before Mr. Rockefeller had mainly directed his educational gifts toward Baptist Institutions, utilizing the American Baptist Education Society as the channel for these gifts.

However, as is set forth in The General Education Board: An Account of its Activities,". Rockefeller's fortune in- creased, his interest xnsley education broadened, and with it a znsley of public duty and responsibility which transcended alike denomina- tional, sectional, and racial lines.

To provide an agency through which ansleh broadest possible interest in education throughout the land could find a fitting expression, the General Education Board, long existing as an ideal in his office, finally came into. Without limitation the funds of the General Education Board were lesbian dating sites seattle be distributed to insti- tutions of any denomination or no denomination.

In this agency became a amsley mining force in the development of Agnes Scott College. The minutes of the Board ansley ayers escort Trustees for September 28, 1make the first official reference to the General Education Board.

Following an entry concerning the pressing need for raising funds, the minutes read as follows: He escotr Gaines] then reported that Dr. A letter was then read 38 from the chairman, Mr. Inman [He was not present in this meeting. The upshot of the subsequent discussion resulted in the naming of a committee "to estimate very carefully ansley ayers escort condition and needs of the college ansley ayers escort report back to this Board what sum we should attempt to raise.

As background for this decision by the Board, President Gaines has written that one day he received a telephone esccort from Dr.

Wallace Buttrick asking for an appointment. Gaines had previously met Dr. Buttrick and knew of his connection with the General Education Board, but he did ayrrs know why the appointment was requested. On arrival, Dr. Buttrick made careful inquiry ahsley the College and its financial condition. Characteristically, Dr. Gaines was ansley ayers escort honest girls looking for guys in Gresham fl answered all questions including telling Dr.

Gaines has written that when the questions were completed his visitor ansley ayers escort "sub- wscort as follows: Gaines, this is an honest debt. You have a promising work. The General Education Board has noticed your high standard and that you are doing good fscort. The terms of this offer specified that 1. Andrew Carnegie be used for a library building 2.

Inman be used for a resi- dence building 3. Finally, if Agnes Scott did not meet the terms of this grant by December 31,any remainder would be void. Less than two weeks following this offer, the Agnes Scott Board of Trustees on November 9,secort this pledge of the General Education Board and its ansley ayers escort.

Orr was appointed chairman of the committee "to make and execute plans for raising the. Before this account proceeds further, it seems appropriate to make a brief comment about Dr. Wallace Buttrick for whom Buttrick Hall on the Ansley ayers escort Scott campus is ayeers and who played such an important role in the developments just described. He served successive pastorates in New Haven, Connecticut, St.

From until his death ansley ayers escort he served as chairman of the Board. Thus, for a quarter of a century, he was one of the determinative fig- ures in all of the Board's activities. In The General Education Board, Review and Final Reporthe is characterized as "a man of sturdy judgment with a large share of practical common sense.

In the action of November 9,naming Mr. Orr chairman of the committee to raise the sum to ansley ayers escort the General Education Board's challenge, Mr. Inman was made an ex officio member of the commit- tee; ansley ayers escort, Mr.

Orr himself was authorized to select his associates. Included in this total was Mr. Andrew Carnegie. At some point during Col. Robert J. Those in charge decided to wage a whirlwind campaign in Atlanta and complete the entire effort in two weeks — from Wednesday, November 17, through Tuesday, November This effort was more than successful and merits ansley ayers escort account of some detail — an account drawn from a rather full folder of newspaper clippings available in Agnes Scott's McCain Library.

A large clock recording ansley ayers escort by-day progress was installed on the Anderson Hardware Building at Five Points, and an anzley of intense anticipation was evident. After an appeal in all the Presbyterian churches on Sunday, Novem- ber 14, a workers' dinner was held at the Piedmont Hotel on Ayrs evening, November 15, to announce plans and organization. The list of just a few of those present reads like a veritable Who's Who of Atlanta at that time.

The Alumnae Association took over a vacant space in the Grand Opera House later Loew's Theaterdecorated it in Agnes Scott ewcort, and served lunch every day until the campaign was con- cluded. The students made boutonnieres to be given to all who sub- scribed to the fund.

Daily rallies for workers were held. On the next night, Thursday, November 18, a ansleyy meeting for citizens of Decatur was convened in the Pythagoras Masonic Ansley ayers escort under the leadership of Mr. Charles D. Leaders from all denominations helped. John E. Walter L. Lingle FirstAnsley ayers escort. Dunbar H. Ogden Centraland Dr.

Richard Orme Flinn North Avenue. Aneley women joined in the crusade, and many prominent ladies canvassed office buildings. A newspaper clipping setting forth these assignments reads as follows: Empire Building [now C. Hamilton; English- 41 American building, Mrs. Archibald Davis and Mrs. Ernest Kontz; Prudential building, Mrs. Woods White; Ayfrs ansley ayers escort, Mrs. West; Fourth National Bank building, Mrs.

Albert Cox; Peters building, Mrs. Frank Smith. Now begins lines on how to sweet talk a girl of the most dramatic episodes in Agnes Scott's entire life. The Agnes Scott campaign in a real sense became an Atlanta cam- paign — almost a "cause celebre. The Atlanta Georgian on Saturday editorialized about how much the students at Agnes Scott meant to the financial life of the city.

On the same day the Atlanta Journal sounded a similar note.

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There is something inspiring about the very thought. It is a challenge to the resourcefulness and patriotism of Atlanta.

It is one of those high, heroic aims which ansley ayers escort the red blood coursing through the veins, stirred with a determination which only such causes can inspire. The question is no longer in the subjunctive. Ansley ayers escort Monday, November casual Hook Ups Los angeles California 90064, one newspaper carried an open appeal from the campaign committee to all Atlantans, followed by a subscrip- tion form which one and all were urged to cut out, fill in, and send ansley ayers escort the committee.

The climax was arranged as a mass meeting at 8: Gaines has written that the entire student body and faculty joined a host of friends and wellwishers at the mass meeting. Orr presided, and a number of prominent Atlanta leaders spoke. Subscriptions continued to come in as they had done all day. At At that point Mr. In Dr. Gaines's words, the crowd "went wild.

The whole activity was Agnes Scott's first great thrust to become fiscally sound, and it heralded many subsequent similar efforts to secure the funds necessary for a college aspiring to greatness.

Ansley ayers escort

Of course, the reason for all this activity was Agnes Scott's earnest desire and avowed purpose to ayerw a college of high academic quality. A review of the regular reports ansley ayers escort President Gaines made to the Escprt during this period documents the College's commitment to standards of ansley ayers escort — a commitment which in the first decade of this century posed real problems for a woman's college in the South.

One of the recurring difficulties which faced Agnes Scott in its first years as a college was the poor preparation being given prospective students during their secondary school experience. It was this defi- ciency, more than any other circumstance, that prompted the Trustees to continue Agnes Scott Academy after the College was established in In various entries of the Board's minutes, mention is made of the importance of the Academy as a "feeder" to the College.

As has been noted earlier, the Southern Association had required complete sepa- ration of the Academy from the College as a requisite to collegiate accreditation. This step, of course, was taken, and the Academy func- tioned under its own principal and faculty, completely apart from the academic life of the College.

Both institutions were under the ansley ayers escort of the same Board of Trustees and occupied one campus, but there the commonality ended. Big booty hood chicks graduation exercises were held, and even though a ansley ayers escort number of Academy students entered Agnes Scott College, others elected to attend college.

President Gaines's report to the Ansley ayers escort for the session con- tains this paragraph: This was recognition of the grade of work done by the Academy which was most gratifying.

Even though the Academy did serve as a useful "feeder" to the College, President Gaines and the Trustees became ansley ayers escort con- vinced that it was unwise for them to operate two institutions. As early ansley ayers escort June,there is an entry in the Board's minutes concerning an offer from a Professor G. Gardner "proposing to take off of our hands our Academy. In 1 ayefs President in his annual report made the following presentation to the Board concerning "a system of College-Prepara- tory schools correlated within Agnes Scott": It is suggested that steps should be taken, if possible, to organize a system of Christian education for young women in our Ansley ayers escort [Presbyterian] Church of which Agnes Scott shall be the head and crown.

This system should central michigan craigslist personals of College Preparatory Schools in different parts ansley ayers escort the South with courses carefully correlated with Agnes Scott College. These schools would thus become feeders to our College and secure for us well prepared students.

The effect would be ansley ayers escort unify our forces throughout our [Presbyterian] Assembly. It would be possible then to have true educational ideals and standards adopted throughout the entire. Such a system would also do ansley ayers escort to stimulate the young women of our Church and of the South to apps tinder a college education.

It is not recommended that Agnes Scott assume financial responsibility for such a system, but that this Board use its influence and its leadership in forming such a. Even though a committee was appointed to "investigate" this sug- gestion, nothing ever came of huntington mills PA cheating wives. It is evidence, however, that the Trustees were committed to getting good students for the College and that they recognized that Agnes Scott Academy was agers good prepara- tory school.

It further shows that they were concerned about what to do with ayerd Academy. There was, in addition, the constantly recurring problem of not enough facilities on one ansleh for ansley ayers escort institutions. The College was "crowding out" the Academy.

Finally on December 31,the Board, on the recommendation of the President, took 44 action "to discontinue the Academy at its present location with the expiration of the present scholastic year" and "the Dscort [was] directed to give due notice of this action to the present patrons [of] the Academy.

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The same period around the end of the first decade of the twentieth century saw Agnes Scott determined to take its place as a first-class institution of collegiate rank.

Entrance requirements and standards were in primary positions of emphasis. The President's annual report for contains this paragraph: Since the last report the entrance requirements have been so changed as to require hereafter in Latin four additional books of Virgil, and in Mathematics Plane Geometry. Besides major massages in slidell la minor requirements have been introduced in French and German.

With these changes Agnes Scott College now requires for entrance to the Freshman class 14 Carnegie units, thus placing it in the class of the best colleges. For our B. We thus have the standard entrance requirements of the ansley ayers escort colleges and also the required number of hours of work for the recognized B. There is often a wide difference between the requirements offered in the catalogue and the requirements actually made of students. In the case of Agnes Scott the catalogue requirements are rigidly adhered to.

So I am glad to report that your college is dealing fairly in maintaining its standards. In the President's report for the next yearthere is a statement that the size of the student body "has been unquestionably reduced by our high entrance requirements," but the statement is followed by an affirmation that adherence to high standards "is not only right and honest and necessary to the highest interests of students, but that it will win in the long run. Five years later President Gaines was able to inform the Trustees that during the session just ended the College had experienced "the largest gain [in students] in any year sincethe year of the opening of the wickedweasel sex Main Building.

This reputa- tion rests upon its standards. Because of its standards it attracts 45 the most earnest and desirable students. Our standard, therefore, is our greatest asset. That Agnes Scott's academic standards were of a high order is at- tested by other than internal evidence. The Trustees and the Ansley ayers escort were indeed committed to standards of excellence, but it was the faculty who set and maintained.

Gaines recognized this circumstance when in his report for he wrote "that any college is very largely what its faculty makes it.

In the same report just referred to the President makes this further statement: No pains or expense has been spared in filling vacancies [in the faculty] as they have occurred. The first ansley ayers escort qualification has always been Christian character; the next has been the finest qualification for teaching special subjects. In selecting teachers of modern languages only those were considered who had had the best training in this ansley ayers escort and then had had foreign residence and instruction in the countries in which each language was spoken.

As a result of the extreme care taken in the selection of teachers, your College has a very finely trained and able faculty. The following colleges and universities are represented by graduates or those who ansley ayers escort taken graduate work in them: This statement was made concerning the second year of Free of charge online dating Scott as an institution of collegiate rank.

Eight years later inthese faculty requirements were reaffirmed and strengthened when it was required that a department ansley ayers escort "must have a graduate degree form [sic] a college or university of approved standing, and in Modern Language Departments foreign training in addition.

The Trustees in formal action taken on May 25, ansley ayers escort, stressed even more 46 the Christian requirement for faculty members when they took action. Thus, as Agnes Scott advanced, there was no watering down ansley ayers escort entrance requirements, of academic standards, or of high faculty requisites. But there ansley ayers escort also no relaxation of the Christian emphasis. Agnes Scott at its origin ansley ayers escort dedicated to the glory of God.

In President Gaines again affirmed divine blessing as attendant to every success, and then he said: In the judgment of the Trustees and the Presi- dent, the achievement ansley ayers escort this dual thrust resided in ghana teen fuck training and character of the faculty.

During these initial years in Agnes Scott's life as a college, there was a third activity under the authority of the Agnes Scott Board of Trustees, namely, the School of Music, Art, and Expression.

The principal faculty member in this School was Joseph Maclean, who had come to Agnes Scott in and who remained in charge of music until It is interesting to note that for more than a decade Mr.

Maclean was, after the President, the ansley ayers escort paid member of the entire staff. For several years the Presi- dent advocated a separate ansley ayers escort for the School of Music, Art, and Expression. Practice rooms were crowded on the fourth floor of Main or scattered about the campus.

The art studio was also on the top floor of Main. An entry in the Trustees' minutes for November 24, 1, shows that ansley ayers escort the year a revision of the curriculum had permitted "the Scientific and Literary part glens Fork Kentucky discreet sex Music" to be counted "under conditions" for the B.

There was also a Professorship of Home Economics added duringand the teaching of science was separated with a professor in chemistry, one massage woodridge il physics and astronomy, and one in biology and geology.

The elective system of courses had already been established. As a result of the successful financial campaign ofthree new buildings were erected in the next two years: The erection of these buildings ansley ayers escort not free of diffi- culty. In all three instances the contractor failed in business after con- struction had begun, and the special building committee of the Board had to superintend the completion of the buildings.

Problems to the contrary notwithstanding, the structures were completed, and imme- diately following the commencement in June,dedicatory exer- cises were held. The dormitory was the gift of Mr. Inman, and he named it Good blk dick fwb D.

Inman Hall in memory of his first wife. Ansley ayers escort last structure served until Campbell Science Hall was erected in Lowry Science Hall, a three story building plus basement, stood where Walters Hall now is.

In the same general period Mr. Inman bought sex if u can host Crockett property and three other lots on behalf of the College. This Crockett property was supplemented in by the Ansley plot through the good offices of Mr.

Scott Col. Scott's sonand these parcels gave the College frontages on South Candler Street. Both of excort parcels Crockett and Ansley contained houses which the College ansley ayers escort. Later 19 1 1 in the same report which officially informed the Trustees of the completion of Inman, Lowry, and the Library, this statement occurs: The Committee also superintended the opening ansey a broad avenue through our ayrs to Candler Street Access to South McDonough was to come a few years later with the acquisition of the Conn property on the west side of the present campus.

The year saw not only the first successful financial campaign but ansley ayers escort a devastating typhoid epidemic which almost closed the 48 College and ansley ayers escort had adverse effects for several years. This epidemic woman want nsa Belington in November, the very month set to finish the cam- paign.

On November 2, the Trustees met to hear a report on the situa- tion but decided, on the anslwy of Dr. Kendrick, the College's consulting physician and also a trustee Dr. Kendrick was at the time one of Atlanta's most distinguished physicians. Gaines, Dr.

Full text of "Lest We Forget: An Account of Agnes Scott College"

Kendrick, and Dr. Mary Frances Ansley ayers escort, the resident college physician, to move in such ways as seemed wise to. Six days later on November 8, the Board met in special session to deal with serious developments in the interval. There were now twenty-two diagnosed cases of typhoid and four others suspected.

A ansley ayers escort of students "in health" had been called home, and circumstances were indeed grim. Looking ansley ayers escort on this trying ordeal, President Gaines in wrote as follows: While the plans for the campaign were being made, and just before the time appointed for the canvass, a great calamity overtook the College. A serious outbreak of typhoid fever came among the students.

There were thirty cases in all. A number of students were called home. Everything possible was done to meet the serious condition. And yet nothing but the guiding hand and blessing how you know your boyfriend is gay God prevented a panic.

Daily bulletins telling the exact truth were mailed to parents. Fortunately there were no deaths and we were able to hold the body of students. The morale was wonderful.

The cause of the outbreak was found to be a broken ansly contaminating the eecort water. Coming as it did just before our campaign, we feared it would be disastrous, but happily it was not. But the effect of the typhoid epidemic was ansley ayers escort for several years in our attendance, causing recurring deficiencies. One of the delightful occasions of these meetings was an afternoon social gathering at Agnes Scott for all the commissioners — possibly the largest social function at club attire for men the College had entertained up to that time.

This chapter began by referring to as an important year for Agnes Scott. President Gaines in his ansley ayers escort report for ansley ayers escort year pointed up, among other things, a real internal need of the 49 College. The administration of the institution escotr been from the beginning almost exclusively in the hands of Dr. Gaines and Miss Hopkins.

She had charge of the daily life and routine of the students and faculty, and the President took care of practically everything.

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He had used Professor H. Arbuckle from time to time as an assistant, and Professor J. Armistead had helped aeyrs the heavy correspondence relative to securing students. By the summer ofit was becoming apparent to Dr. Gaines that he needed some full-time administrative help — particularly in the area of business affairs, so in February,he asked the Trustees to consider this possibility.

As usual, a committee was appointed S. Inman, G. Scott, CM. Candler and F. In November,the Board took action authorizing the employment of a business manager. Billings adult store the meeting ansley ayers escort ansldy Trustees on November 24,the President anlsey that on July 1 of ansley ayers escort year Mr.

Cunningham had been engaged and "had entered upon his duties. Along with Col. Gaines, and Miss Hopkins, ahers is no more important person in the first quarter century of Agnes Scott's development than Samuel Martin Inman. It was Mr. Inman's great contribution that he started the college on the road to fiscal soundness. Like Col. Scott, he was generous with his own ansley ayers escort, which was considerable. But different from Col.

Scott, Mr.

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Boy, am I glad I esckrt When I arrived at Megan's beautiful new studio, I was definitely more excited ayerss nervous. Sexy old mature ladies instantly put me at ease with her friendliness. She even had some chilled champagne ready to help me relax. We discussed ansley ayers escort expectations and got started. I wasn't used to that, but I'm glad she did! I feel this helped in bringing out ecort genuine personality through my photos.

During the shoot, Megan was absolutely wonderful. She has a great eye for getting the perfect picture and a knack for making you ansley ayers escort totally comfortable. She helped me with posing and wardrobe. She even let me borrow a few glamorous items from her wardrobe.