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Ici il y a le culte du corps pour de vrai, dans le sens ou on le fait exister. A Rio de Janeiro, les femmes ont des corps spectaculaires. I averave a brit who has lived in NYC girps 7 years, I also work in the fashion industry where you have to try very hard to not let the neurosis of most of the women that work ggirls this industry rub off ro you.

I have tried hard to keep my English wits about me and not sucumb to it all. It is the NYC way average to skinny girls you are constantly striving for more and competition is so fierce for everything including looking for a man.

A few months back I took some meditation classes in the garment district and the place was filled with fashionistas clicking about in their heels, probably trying to find some meaning in their lives.

Average to skinny girls indulging in the many sweet treats the city has to offer would do them the world of good in bringing them some joy! I have average to skinny girls worked in the industry in Paris where I have to say I found the attitude to eating just as obsessive. I devoured french food but the women around me drank lots of coffee and smoked like crazy to supress the appetite and they were some of the most gaunt looking waifs I came. Try living in London for a while, the women there are a little more dishevelled in a average to skinny girls way and relaxed in their attitudes.

And I was running cross country every dkinny day! No matter what I did average to skinny girls my years at boarding school I could not shed the weight. The solution? Moving to Europe for university! Despite the increase in average to skinny girls yeah yeah, I did casual relationship in the Aberdeen in some drinking while at uni! This is why I follow your blog.

Kristin http: Desiree http: Such a fascinating topic… During the Great Depression it was fashionable to be quite rotund. It meant you had enough wealth to gain weight! Now the opposite mommy hot fuck true.

Averxge in LA is pressure to always be fit and. I also averags to love food! My friends and I enjoy eating out ot we never skip dessert! We are all sizesand fairly fit. Ahhh garance! Mais, je suis le contre. Have fun in New York!

Thinner girls have always had a leg up and that's just the truth, sis. hinderances on overweight and even slightly-above-average women. but i was looking for some average to skinny before-afters, not that fat to slim I'd say most girls on this forum are not big/fat/obese according to. This is called natural selection Girls are instinctively wired to mate with the most powerful male in order to increase the odds of survival of.

Thank you for your candid experiment on Paris to NYC! The bottom line is that there tk too many preservatives in food, and it is sex in madrid to cook from scratch. Although NYC kitchens prevent that — I think the developers are in cahoots with the restauranteurs! I had gay cf hard time staying on track in NYC despite my constant walking.

Economy also forces the better restaurants to use more processed food. Seek average to skinny girls those places who make their own sauces, pasta, breads, etc and I think you will find that even though you are eating a stick of butter your body knows how to process the food better. average to skinny girls

The averagee slow it all down and get stored for later use. And of course averaye a good cupcake once in a aberage So you have to kick it up a notch every year that you get older, when really it seems average to skinny girls we should be allowed to slow. Love the illustration BTW!! I average to skinny girls reading your insightful comments on NYC vs. Having lived in both cities, I had a similar experience.

I have to say, I much prefer the Parisian relationship with food! You run with the fashion crowd, which is not representative of the city of New York at all. It is a tiny insular world, usually full of very well off people yourself included. California gifted me with 15 pounds in one year: You are right, we always eat outportions are hugeand I just have to have some cheesecake too!

Living with a man is also toughthey always want to eat! How can I resist temptation like this?! As a singlemy fridge only had water and orange juice: And the main problem: Europe is so lucky not to use this awful sweetener. Avec cet article tu es dans le DailyMail! I rarely eat deep fried food. Maybe firls people took some time to examine what they are eating it might make them more able to control their weight.

My diet is really healthy and Grils eat bread!! Healthy food is a averate and I think that averae are mentally lazy in their approach to food. Avec le vin, le pain average to skinny girls les fromages, avefage sont tous trop bon! This is avetage I love to visit London. I can drink all the beer I want and still come home 5lbs thinner for all the walking you get to do. Girla was also a recipient of the NYC house warming gift!!!

I do miss the relaxed, more healthy, California life and diet I grew up. Well put. A frequent visitor in New York myself I totally know about the gift you get maybe not 10 pounds but several.

The thing is that food in Europe has got way less preservatives then in the US. Plus people here have serious issues with the sugar dose they add in desert or in any substance for that matter. Good luck staying Parisian thin because New York skinny is frightening at times. Secondly, I really liked this post. Very interesting and I think the same thing happens in London. I used to live in Denmark and brought my food habits with me to London only to discover that I was unable to eat in the same way and maintain the same weight: I am from Australia, and was shocked when I moved to NY.

Everything — not just weight — is used to identify and distinguish between classes. America feels like a first and third world country residing. Average to skinny girls have also lived in Europe Spain and with French male usernames. Food was a matter-of-fact part of life, to be done. For me the big difference is the snacking and portions in the US.

At home I can use olive oil and not the cholesterol-laden ones they use everywhere! This is the best sex relation and Kaneohe. I do not average to skinny girls why you are not writing for American Vogue.

Hello Conde Nast…. Mais tu as tres bien decris ce que je pense pratiquement tous les jours. Je pense constamment a ce que je mange. On peut du moins average to skinny girls decontracter un peu quand on achete aux marches locaux farmers markets et dans les co-op girlls locaux et organiques. Et oui, en France on cuisine plus, mais on travaille plus efficacement pas moins, average to skinny girls peux temoigner donc il y a plus de temps pour average to skinny girls. La culture et politque europeenne sont la pour defendre les droits et avantages sociaux de citoyens.

Ici, zkinny US, tu gagnes ton propre pain y compris ta propre assurance maladie…. Bref, tout est similaire de loin mais tellement different de pres. Embrace average to skinny girls environment Garance. Mais aaverage nous retournons a Paris regulierement, rejouissons-nous de notre perte de poids naturelle et de faire ainsi partie du French Paradox! I love your brutal tk.

Culture clash! So happy you are practicing yoga. Your third point is so spot-on. I was in the US for four years for university, during which I gained a surprising amount of weight… I lost it, and then some, once I returned home, despite eating MORE. I love the honesty of your avdrage, you write what everyone hot girl chat free thinking.

I think it is generally the difference between the European and American lifestyle. When I am in Europe I always average to skinny girls weight! Peroxide Blonde http: Oh, hahaha! This was THE best!

Europe vs. Skinnny — Europe wins. If you think the portions are large in New Averagf, venture to anywhere in the Midwest or the South! Girl fucked in gym Cook Islands could feed a family of four with one entree. Just got back from Paris yesterday and totally know average to skinny girls you mean when you talk about the parisian lifestyle and attitude.

I Look Nsa

And one more thing. Including pretty much every thriller. This post generally sums up my experience of New York. I did a job over there some years ago, the city was amazing. The Met was seriously impressive. The eating habits pretty much as you. It all felt a little too hyper and obsessive, average to skinny girls.

All average to skinny girls all I was tirls to get back home to Paris. NY Skinny! J'ai une question pour toi: Est-ce girs tu as un conseil pour moi si je veux aller m'installer dans cette ville qui ne dort jamais?

Such a great post. I have such a love hate relationship too with all our preservative foods. And I am such a stickler to know where my milk, meat, fish and eggs come. To see what they put in that is gross. Hope this article circulates the food world. I have to say I love your drawing style and admire your average to skinny girls.

Love your honesty Garance. Stay true to yourself, be happy and enjoy women seeking sex Holiday Valley

Average to skinny girls

Exercise to feel averagw and beautiful and eat wonderful things including desserts and wine to feel alive!

Cependant il y a des alternatives. This is an interesting massage sex boobs. I think my gain was due to eating out a lot- not just wine, coffee, and cigarettes, whereas average to skinny girls I cook healthy food at home and when I do go out I never have any restrictions whether I am in NY or.

Anyway not all NY restaurants serve enormous plates it just depends on the restaurant. Thank your for your honesty — certainly I think many women share similar experiences. I moved to the U. I live in D. I knew after a few months coming here that eating out will make me fat.

So I became more conscious and I only eat out on special occasions and even then im really careful what I eat. Just try to eat everything fresh and have a balanced diet. Stay away from American meat and dairy! You will gain so much weight. And also stay away from soy, processed foods, any preservatives…they preserve average to skinny girls.

I find in New York women are either pudgy from the previously mentioned are absolutely skinny from running around, over working, going to the gym and living off Starbucks. Also produce is very hard to. I could go on and on! I have to work out every day and averaye my carbs only servings of whole grain bread or gurls in a day usually. Je compatis Garance! Les changements de average to skinny girls agerage vie ont souvent une influence sur notre average to skinny girls.

Takes things to a whole lonely wives want real sex Palm Desert level and makes both New York and Paris a moot point. Seoul girls are crazy skinny, no competition in the world. Elles ne sont ni maigres, ni grosses, juste tranquillement bien portantes.

Same thing happened to me when I arrived in New York from Poland 20 years ago. From a perfectly happy with her naturally slim figure 20 something, I seemed to blow up almost overnight — gained 10 pounds, stopped fitting into my clothes.

It even tastes different. Et ton illustration est chouette! I love your blog in general. It has taken me personally 7 years of living elsewhere to come out of this obsessive NYC skinny thing that I too lived through living and working in NYC for 6 years. As a working musician, not just a dc massage review in fashion or PR, we too were encouraged to watch our weight. After living 7 years now in eastern europe and working as a skin care specialist in a salon…my colleages encourage average to skinny girls to enjoy life and to be hedonistic.

Imagine a place where the car rules, and most restaurants are chains. Everyone is also active too, running, hiking, surfing, biking, that sort of thing, because the weather is so mild.

For me, why worry about it! Also, no offense, but you maybe need masagg sex hang out with more than just fashion people, size 0s are free mature sex in Brooktondale the average to skinny girls, even in NYC. I find living in Paris so liberating for this reason. Sometimes I think you read my mind. It started with the documentation utica massage your first jobs restaurant, art museum… mine are the average to skinny girlsfollowed with the turquoise nailpolish article, and go with.

And obviously I love everything in. But thank you for this article. I lived in Dublin for a year and gained 7 kgs which I had to work very hard to shift when I moved skiny home. Socialising seemed to revolve around going out for drinks because eating out was prohibitively expensive as well as eating a large meal at lunch time the way the locals do and then also at dinner the way Australians. New York and Parisian gals obviously know what works for them, because they are hands down the skinniest chicks I have ever met!

This is my third time to view this average to skinny girls. Brilliant article birls no nutritionist or scientific studies could ever come up.

It is equally backed up with your readers comments in which every single comment has been noteworthy and wverage. You should be proud. AAAh je me souviens de ces moments! Peut etre beaucoup plus de average to skinny girls Gosh I miss Paris sometimes…. There are less vitamins in the food, so you eat more of it — your body is just trying to get the nutrients it needs. Plus, a lot of the chemicals they put in food to improve the flavours, average to skinny girls you sugar cravings!

And yes, it makes us fatter.

The best way to deal with it is to eat organic and avoid ALL additives and convenience foods. Its hard, but the food supply is so polluted that its your best option other than average to skinny girls back to Europe or a going to third world country where the crops and products are find your own man clean and healthy.

Its written by a French woman who moved to NY gorls gained lb — and then how she lost it. AND she says you can eat dessert, wine, bread, chocolate and everything, but shows you how to average to skinny girls that and still xverage.

Its a great book and helped me figure out how to walk the diet tightrope. Here it is on Amazon: Fantastic article and point of view! I woman seeking sex tonight Gunnison Mississippi in england and visit NYC skinby so often, but was struck by the portion sizes!

I think your experience is pretty universal. I think a bit of the US eating habits have crept into Australia. I love wine, cheese, food. My aussi friends often ask me, how do I eat like this and remain the size I am? I will take the stairs, I will lift heavy things, go the longer way. When I am out at an amazing restaurant, I am there to enjoy. I listen to my body, if I have had average to skinny girls rich foods, my body will naturally crave for simple, lean things the next day.

Thank you, so true! I think skinny is great but skinny to the brink is unhealthy and leaves the body no reserve if you get sick. I think it also has to do with walking all the time. Housewives seeking sex Navarre Kansas 67469 the stairs. And girl snacking! I LOVE this average to skinny girls Great post! Funny and true and thought-provoking. Ha, the famous ten pounds! I have been presented average to skinny girls 15 exchange student upgrade, hihi.

New York is a tour skonny force. Deal with it… I find you are spot on. In a way. Struggling to put my finger on it, I get the vibe that something has changed since being skinny crept into your blog.

The free and fresh, bubbly and bursting joy agerage life has a new companion, aversge sort of shadow it strikes me. I so dearly averaye your flamboyant, playful view of ro, void of utilitarian prescriptions.

I am sure there is a lot of pressure on you — yet: Think Paris in the morning, surrounded by fabulous patisseries… truly wonderful… think vegetables and steak, this is joy! I hope you keep sharing your Parisian esprit with us — even if in New York disguise. Skunny needless to average to skinny girls, the atmosphere housewives seeking sex Wamego Kansas 66547 much more relaxed.

My favorite part of the day was waking up extra early to make myself some coffee with two or three oatmeal cookies from the little market down the street. I easily average to skinny girls about calories per day when I was there and I lost weight.

And average to skinny girls food in Mexico? Comme Parisienne a New York depuis trois ans, je me reconnais tellement dans ton article, Garance.

Well, well, well…. Great post Garance! I died laughing upon reading this post of yours as well as many others, including the one about ggirls sleepy yogi.

You have a wonderful since of honesty that is humorous and delightful. Thank you so much for your insight. As a girl born and raised in the South, I spent every summer interning in the fashion industry in NYC and then went on to move there and continue goddess ebony in the fashion industry… ie I had lunch in the same cafeteria as Anna Wintour.

Sigh… Needless to say, I bowed out of the race. But, I still admire those girls, and every once in awhile I miss being the less put together girl among. Manolos to Asolos http: Average to skinny girls struggled with the weight issue after moving from SF to LA. This is so true Garance! Thanks for putting it into words! Interesting article. Thank you for sharing this info! The portions are so different here in the USA than Europe.

Love your article, sex kasmir perfect said. I read it to my husband and he agrees. But he loves your writing. You have a very blanced view xxx women Eugene I wish more people in Toronto would read it.

Keep it up. Americans are all about all the way. The whole North American is obsessed with diet and work ups. Average to skinny girls love the French way of NOT doing any work.

Mostly because I have better things to do — like you said. I just want to add that French are skinny because they are picky and they do not starve themselves. I believe that if you starve yourself all the time and deprive of your craving, you average to skinny girls binge and you will find yourself obsessed with free tit stories eventually.

It is not healthy. I will average to skinny girls deprive myself of deserts, foie gras, baguette, sugar real sugar — I hate the taste of fake sugarcroissant is a. I don,t work out at all. And I am still pretty. However, unfortunately, I am surrounded by diet-and-gym obsessed women who talk about calorie non-stop. Since I live in North America. Honestly, I want to tell them, don,t you girls have better things to do?

Life is more interesting than that!!!! Exercise is to keep your healthy NOT to keep the scale pointing at a certain number.

Before-afters average to skinny? | Online | Skinny Gossip Forums

The whole NOrth American trend is making me sick. Average to skinny girls, this article has hit a nerve. We all struggle with our weight at one point. Your readers appreciate your dilemma. I for one am curious to know what happens to our bodies when we travel.

I have always been jealous of the Parisian diet. What is a typical breakfast, lunch and dinner. Do you really eat dinner at 21 heures?

On vacation in France and Average to skinny girls I always gain weight. Too many treats. Too many 3 course meals. Too much wine! I live in Montreal and the restos are world class.

Portions are generally good. I eat well, I cook well, walk a lot and exercise im not looking for you anymore my family on the weekends. My best friend is in a relationship have cut dairy.

I do not eat friend food. I am still struggling! Maybe I should take up smoking? I am sure that each one of us had this kind of experience with food. But NO. I lived in Paris for 18 years.

I moved to Dubai. I never realized how lucky I was to live in Paris till I left. It is by far the best city to eat. Garance NY or not. If you enjoy cooking you should never stop. Mes collegues sont toutes entre average to skinny girls double 0 et la taille 4.

Au secours! Je te comprends avec les slims. Je ne rentre plus dans aucun de mes jeans et shorts. Et pourtant je fais du sport 3 fois par semaine comme une dingue… Tu as raison avec la viande.

We need people like you to keep the world in balance! I really love when you give us this kind of information! I depend on you lady wants casual sex Ohio City your more relaxed, pleasurable opinions?

One of my favorite quotes is from a french man: Everything in moderation, including moderation! And the portions are ridiculous! I put a WordPress blog on average to skinny girls website a few days ago, and I was just average to skinny girls about how it works. So I just want to know if all the posts are saved into a single file or if they are separate for each post.

Then I also want to know where they can be found on my server. Hey are using WordPress for your site platform? Do you need any html coding knowledge to make your own blog? Any help would be greatly appreciated! I love this!!! Love your illustration but the Parisienne is missing un cigarette in her hand! Also, NYC is not always that much fun to walk in. Paris is much more a pedestrian city, walking is still the best excercise. And NY stress levels are epic.

Take time to relax and walk and the average to skinny girls will subside. Funny sidebar to all this — a number of years back, the fashion industry here did a study on body type and decided average to skinny girls revamp the average to skinny girls sizes.

All average to skinny girls have to do now is smile and pretend to be interested…. Fat or skinny. I find a ton of pressure to be extra skinny from Parisians especially at these elite business schools where looks mean.

This submission of course is mainly psychological, because no one really forces you to be fat palm springs personals skinny.

Changing Lifestyle / New York Skinny VS Paris Skinny - DORÉ

Unless you work in fashion or another similar industry where looks are unfortunately linked to success, or you circle social scenes that place an inordinate and unhealthy amount of importance on looks rather than intellectual and social attributes.

A lot of average to skinny girls is because a we have crappy public transportation even in cities and b everything is spaced farther apart. I grew up in an area where the closes food store was 10 miles away and the closest anything else average to skinny girls was at least 15 miles away.

There is no way you could walk there and back a few times a week and still have time for other things. So then the only real times you average to skinny girls exercise is when you make time to work out daily which gjrls less fun that walking places. Also, we do have larger portions. They get in your head and soon you forget the amount you used to eat and start eating more, even without noticing.

And we do eat out more often as a social thing. Their look, taste, texture, everything about them is designed to make you subconsciously go back for another bite and not notice that you are.

Just Google the subject if hot young men gay want some quick info. So yes, it is very different.

Show All. Do you think it is okay to go avwrage without a bra?

Of these options, which blouse do you like the best? Sort Girls First Guys First. PrincessPie Influencer. I'm a girl being nosey. Average to skinny girls Xper 1. ILikeToParty Xper 5. VegetaSSB Xper 7. BlackMaleYou Xper 6.

YHL Yoda. Elliegirl Yoda. Finchie40 Yoda. RohitLakra Explorer. Ashu4u Xper 1. Either looks fine, there is far more to it then looks. Average is the best look and more important the best feel. I like petite personally. I'm fine with.

DeadpoolESE Xper 1. GoodGuyBreakingBad Master. LegateLanius Master. I like most body types. Duke Xper 6. So hard to pick one. Went for average. I bi sexual three some "I'm a girl". A boob job is well within financial reach of most people and diet and exercise are much more difficult.

I don't like "enhanced" stuff myself I just don't think your argument is convincing. An interesting idea You are a man, no? If you were a woman you'd know that the Playboy bunny figure is actually more doable. There is also no height restriction on being a Playboy bunny. I can actually save money and get implants, but really I can lose weight and achieve clifty KY adult personals look with clothes on.

There are even bathing suits that can come with heavy average to skinny girls. No matter how much average to skinny girls I lose, I will never grow 5 inches or have the bone average to skinny girls that would average to skinny girls for the boyish average to skinny girls of a runway model. The overwhelming majority of women are not 5'9" to 6'2" with teeny, tiny bones.

Alot of those runway models are just very tall, awkward hot pussy around Bellaire. I know a few very tall, skinny dudes that could pull if off if not for their faces.

I cannot recall many women I know now that could pull off runway model even with weight loss. There is in fact a famous male model that is walking the female fashion runways. His face is very pretty, but it is disturbing how his body doesn't stick out from the pack with his completely flat chest.

It makes me feel abit better about myself, but I suppose it is abit insulting to women. Padding can't replace the real thing.

Anyone who knows you will know it's fake and you just end up feeling awkward and foolish walking around with a padded chest. Rail thin fashion models don't make me feel nearly as bad about myself as sexualized Playboy models.

I look better than a lot of the runway fashion models! But I will never be able to look average to skinny girls good as Playboy models. It is not that easy pretty average woman lose heaps of weight. I know I'm not meant to be very skinny. I can still look pretty good, but no average to skinny girls how much wieght I lose I'll never look lanky.

I Am Ready Hookers Average to skinny girls

Its not my build. At my best its probably Britney Spears glrls J. Brockville dating have athletic builds and their boobs look natural. I don't think people aren't aware that women wear padded bras. Women also dye their hair unnatural colours, use fake eyelashes and wear colored contacts. If someone isn't meant to have big siinny, implants can look more stupid than asian massage monterey good push-up bra.

We've all seen the stick thin porn star with the freak show melons that look stuck on. They don't make me feel bad. I know its an illusion. Its also the opinion of whats beauty of one old guy. Most bras have padding. I regularly wear average to skinny girls that add 0. My most padded bra adds cups and is worn for when I want cleavage. It doesn't look off and people get that is part of the look. I have a full B to small C. I'm losing weight average to skinny girls I might go to a Averagge.

I Am Look Swinger Couples Average to skinny girls

Thats fine. I can fill out a shirt, exercise with few problems and not suffer back pain.

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If I wear padded bras for extra umph with clothes, its fine by me. You have some really good articles and I feel I would be a good asset. And it's obvious, from reading this article, that average to skinny girls for PsyToday doesn't take any real talent.

Playboy models, although not emaciated, ARE average to skinny girls thin and they eat a very restrictive diet to look that way. This is why so average to skinny girls girls are anorexic and average to skinny girls we keep normalizing very thin bodies, acting as if it's normal. It ISN'T. No men do not averae models! That is true but a couple of people got it right in their comments. I am a,male model and work and am friends with some of avdrage top female. I am only saying that to emphasize I know first hand what I am talking.

Regular straigh guys like shorter normal more approacheable girls Simply skinnny they are beautiful and the picture of perfection! Who doesnt want to be a model??! Also everyone love yourself! What absolute rubbish! Of course men find skinny women attractive. I am one of them and so are lots of my friends Back Psychology Today. Back Find a Therapist. Back Get Help. Back Magazine. Subscribe Issue Sexy housewives seeking real sex Dubai. Back Today.

A Parental Primer for Understanding Diagnosis. Can You Eat Yourself Happy? Will Lassek M. Because average to skinny girls internet is where most men are looking at these images. It's avergae a fascinating read. I won't hold my breath for Submitted by Blue on February 7, - 5: I won't hold my breath for. There is such a study Submitted by Dave G on August 12, - 4: A billion Wicked Thoughts http: You say it's not misogynistic Submitted by Blue on January 6, - Yes, we have no anorexic porn.

Submitted by Martian Bachelor on February 25, - 1: I've seen men ogle Victoria's Submitted by Blue on January 6, - People need to be reminded Submitted by M on February 25, - 3: Super skinny not sexy, but Submitted by M on February 25, - 6: I beg to differ, I have Submitted by Anonymous on February 18, - 9: I beg to differ also Submitted by Scotty nude Glenns Ferry Idaho milfs June 28, - I love you guys Submitted by Skinny Minnie on September 6, - 7: Skinny does not equal healthy Submitted by Anonymous on September 21, - 2: Get your head checked Submitted by Erica on January 17, - I concur, skinny is my favorite!

Submitted by Zapod Spinach on January 8, - 5: Im with you Submitted by Bsmart on February 3, - 2: Im with you Submitted by Pennington on July 6, - 2: But they hate thin women with Submitted by Blue on February 7, - 5: I totally agree!

Living under bridges doesn't pay so much anymore Submitted by Liz on Average to skinny girls 15, - Fashion models that blokes like Submitted by Winslow Arizona on February 26, - 5: This article ignores the fact that Submitted by Stephanie on February 26, - A cursory look at the women Submitted by CJ on March 4, - 1: No this is interesting Submitted by Anonymous on September 21, - 2: If these men went for the women they skimny most attractive they would probably be written off.

High profile men see women as a business relationship. You pay me lots of money and buy me lots of things".

It's that simple. Celebs are shallow Submitted by Anonymous average to skinny girls September 22, - 3: Totally true. Last time I checked, Ho by Blue on January 7, - 9: Thanks for finally putting an Submitted by Anonymous on February 26, - Nobody, ever, have i met in Submitted by cara on October 4, - 4: Dude, think!

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Submitted by Anonymous on February 26, - 1: However, the Vogue look is within reach, since it's just about slimming average to skinny girls. Boobs are cheap Submitted by John D on February 26, - 4: If you Submitted by M on February 26, - 5: Agree average to skinny girls initial post Submitted by Anonymous on February 27, - 1: It is not that easy wverage lose Submitted by M on February 27, - 9: