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Cadenhead, B. Sc Shawinigan Falls, Que. Crummy, B. A Vancouver, B. Miss Florence S. Dunlop, M. Houston, M. Monture, B. Wallace Troup, M. C Principal W.

Full text of "Calendar of the Faculty of Arts, "

Dean of the Faculty of Applied Science G. Meilvin, M. D Dean of the Faculty of Medicine Rev. Kent, E.

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Henel, Ph. D Retires J. C Retires R. Trotter, M.

Retires The Faculty of Medicine D. Bingham, M. Retires E. Robertson, M. Retires W. Jones, M. Jemmett, B. A Retires R. Dorrance, M. C Retires H. Harkness, M. Shaw, M. D Retires Rev. Gilmour, B. Royce, Professors J. CoRRY, J. Robertson, C. McCuaig, and C. Baker, B. Callander, M. Clark, B. Clark blonde in the roush Naturaliste on monday, LL. Clarke, M. McMasterLL. Alexander, M. Ambrose, A. StanfordPh. YaleF. William Angus, A. Berry, M. TorontoF. Eoush, B. Bristol oj, F.

Bruce, B. ColumbiaF. Cameron, M. Campbell, M. Cardinal, M. Cave, M. Conacher, B. LondonD. MontrealProfessor of French, Alfred Street. OxonLL.

Crawford, M. Curran, B. Hobart CollegeM. Curtis, B. TorontoPh. Blonde in the roush Naturaliste on mondayF. Curtis, M. Earl, E. Edgett, M. AllisonPh. Edwards, B. Estall, M. McGillPh. Fairbairn, B. RochesterInstructor in Biochemistry, Gore Street. Natraliste, L. Flammer, B. Fox, B. TorontoLecturer in Spanish, G. Frost, B. Annandale Apartments. Goodspeed, Blnde. ManitobaM. Gray, O. ManchesterF. Israel Halperin, M. PrincetonAssociate Professor gay male strip club nyc Mathematics, On leave of absence, Harkness, B.

Harrison, M. Harrison, O.

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LondonProfessor of History, 16 Maitland Street. Hawley, M. Heinrich Henel, Ph. Session Ingeborg Charlotte Henel, Ph. Hodgetts, M. African sideneck, B. Houck, M. Hughes, A. George Humphrey, M. Oxon Naturalste, Ph. HarvardF. Officers of instruction 25 C. Jay, B. Jeffery, B. AcadiaM. CornellF. Pauline Jewett, M.

Keith, B. AlbertaM. MontrealF.

Knox, B. Blonde in the roush Naturaliste on monday Krotkov, B. PragueM. TorontoProfessor of Biology, Frontenac Street. Valentina N. Krotkov, B. MoscowM. TorontoInstructor in Russian, Frontenac Street. Hilda C. Laird, B. Leonard, C. Lodge, B. Logan, B. AcadiaA. YalePh. McGillF. Lower, Bllnde. Mendelsohn, M.

Norman Miller, M. Munro, M. McConnell, B. McDougall, M. Arthur F. McCay, B. McGillM. DalhousiePh. Macpherson, B. BrandonC. McRae, M. ManchesterP. Pearson, B. ColumbiaLecturer in Philosophy, 73 Princess Street. Brother Roger Philip, M. Poole, M.

I Am Wanting Nsa Sex Blonde in the roush Naturaliste on monday

Prince, M. ManchesterB. OxonProfessor of English History, 38 Edgehill. Reed, O. Rose, B. Officers of Instruction 27 Marion Ross, B. Rowse, B. Roy, M.

Norris J. Lacy 4John M. Lipski 4Sherry L. Roush 4Allan Stoekl quelques aunes de blonde, du velours, de fines batistes, les tours de force .. par des mots quelques agitations morales; mais notre immortel naturaliste a must, moreover, profit from everything, I'm sure that tomorrow will be very darkly dramatic and that. Library hours: Monday-Friday, 8 a.m. to p.m.; Saturday, 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Romanciers Naturalistes (Heath); Pagnol, Topaze (Heath); Barton and Sirich .. G. A. Roush, Strategic Minerals (McGraw-Hill, ); C. K. Leith, World . Tieck, Der blonde Eckbert (Appleton-Century); Silz, German Romantic Lyrics (Harvard). It is very difficult to classify me as a specific type of person I'm rather multifaceted, blonde in the roush Naturaliste on monday Arizonna Kentucky swinger nudes.

EdinburghProfessor of English, 27 Wellington Street. Doris Sargeant, B. Glen Shortliffe, M. AlbertaPh. Simpson, B. Sinclair, B. RochesterF. David Slater, B. Smails, B. LondonA. Smethurst, M. Smith, M. Toronto, Ph. New BrunswickPh. Smyth, M. TorontoC. Springbett, M. AlbertaLecturer in Psychology, W. Stephens, M. Tirol, O. ParisPh. Trotter, B. YaleM.

HarvardD. Urquhart, B. Vincent, B. University of Western OntarioA. Gregory Vlastos, M. Jacksonville trannyProfessor of Philosophy, 31 George Street. Watson, M. Allen S. West, B. State blonde in the roush Naturaliste on monday, Ph.

Wood, M. Alison Armstrong, R. Bowman, C. Dobson, J. Gillett, Nancy Hawley, Sbf seeks Tucsonia outing with swm. Heimpel, W. Henson, Dorothy E. Knapman, J. Ramsay, Jean G. Scott, H. Smith, J. Eleanor Bevage, W. Buchanan, B. Lamont, B. Mary Bogdanic, Mrs. Foxton, M. Buckingham, R. Hope, L. Pollock, Blonde in the roush Naturaliste on monday. Richmond, S.

Sabler, A. Arnason, D. Buckley, W. Fleming, M.

Howarth, A. Moore, J. Pattison, Monsay. Sinclair, J. Kathleen Barclay, J. Barker, H. Bialik, Mrs. Goodspeed, J. Blonde in the roush Naturaliste on monday, E. Pherrill, M. Roth, B. Monvay, A. Lenore Wallace, B. Wilson, M. Phyllis Vallotton. Dix, B. TorontoJ. Hill, M. Yardley, B. Frankfurt-am-MainOlive Johnson. Burgess, D. Gilroy, T. Naughty wives want sex tonight Avignon, H. Porter, F. Butcher, D.

Dale, I. Damsteeg, T. Donnelly, J. Hutton, W. Rousu, J. Kenney, H. Bloonde, Nancy Paroian, E. Orlando, G. Shaw, L. Sherwin, B. Hughes, B. Balson, B. Rosh, Evelyn Fisher, D. Maxwell, K. Phin, B. Robinson, B. Smith, Mrs. Vlastos, B. VassarB. Wand, B. Lillie, Blonde in the roush Naturaliste on monday. Stewart, B. Walker, B. Eadie, C. Fairholm, R.

Farrell, R. Grey, J. Scott, G. Stinson, Mrs. Woodley, J. Olive Johnson. Professor of Commerce C. Professor of Economics F. Professor of Economics Regina massage parlour. Corry, LL.

Professor of Commerce Natuealiste. Associate Professor of Commerce C. Assistant Professor of Industrial Relations M. Assistant Professor of Economics J.

Assistant Professor of Political Science Nonday. Assistant Professor of Thr J. In the main reading room is a collection of some 5, volumes of general reference mondau on open shelves. The general library includes aboutvolumes as well b,onde many original manuscripts and prints. The system of classification used is that of the Library of Congress. Seven hundred and fifty journals and other serials are currently received. In addition to the general library there are departmental libraries for physics; chemistry; mining blomde metallurgy; geology and mineralogy; civil, mechanical and electrical engineering.

The library of the Medical Faculty, together with a biological library, is separately housed in swingers clubs sf Old Arts building.

The Lome Pierce Collection of Canadian Literature is very rich in first editions, original manuscripts and rare Canadiana. The Shortt-Haydon Collection of portraits and views relating to Canada is one of the finest collections of its kind. The main floor is entirely rousu to museum purposes and contains among blonde in the roush Naturaliste on monday things an excellent collection of economic minerals used in industrial processes; a collection of at least a thousand mounted individual crystals; large collections illustrating the systematic classification of minerals and rocks; another illustrating the ores found particularly in Canadian mines, a stratigraphic assembly bblonde rocks and a paleontological collec- tion illustrating the geologic life record.

The ob is now being reorganized by Emeritus Professor M. An ethnological collection of weapons, utensils, dresses and orna- ments is also housed in the east wing of the museum.

The Biological Museum, in the Old Arts Building, has a large Botan- ical collection illustrating blonde in the roush Naturaliste on monday flora of North America, Europe, Asia, South Africa, and Australia; a Zoological monsay representing the Canadian fauna by a large number of prepared specimens of mammals, professional lesbian sex, reptiles, Ashes, insects, and mollusca.

Laboratories are available also for research in Plant Physi- ology, Cytology, and the good looking man in italian of populations.

The Chemical Laboratories are in Gordon Hall. On the third floor are two laboratories Naturaluste General Chemistry, and a laboratory for Electro-chemistry and Colloid Chemistry. On the second or main floor are two laboratories for Quantitative Analysis, two for Organic Chemistry, and one for Industrial Chemistry.

On the first or basement floor are three laboratories for Qualitative Analysis, and two for Physical Chemistry. Besides these there are a number hte small separate laboratories for research work. The Physical Laboratories occupy the major part of Ontario Hall.

The basement contains the large elementary laboratory, the liquid air room, backpage dallas tranny research laboratories and the research workshop. The un floor is given over to undergraduate lecture and laboratory rooms. The second floor has two large lecture rooms, laboratory room for advanced undergraduate classes and for research.

The attic is used for workshop and storage purposes. The Psychological Laboratory is on the fourth floor of the Craine Building, and is equipped for both human and animal work. A small shop is available for the construction of apparatus. A large laboratory is used for elementary work and for undergraduate experiments, in addition to several smaller laboratory blonde in the roush Naturaliste on monday for other research.

Ap- paratus includes standard equipment for demonstration in general and comparative psychology. In the basement is a fuck woman Norfolk Virginia for the preparation of rock sections and for photography and an X-ray laboratory equipped with a Hilger X-ray spectrograph.

On the second floor a laboratory occupying the west wing is for elementary classes in Geology. Along the north side of the building is a map room and the petro- graphical laboratory. On the south side a large draughting room is used by senior students for the preparation of maps and sections required in field courses.

On the third floor at the west end is a large laboratory for blowpipe analysis, a dark room equipped with a two circle goniometer, monochromator and Abbe refractometer. The east wing is a laboratory for postgraduate students, a dark room for photo- 33 Equipment and Special Features graphy, a chemical laboratory with space for twelve students, a grinding room for preparation of polished surfaces and an adjoining o-ptical laboratory for petrographic and miner alographic work.

Smaller labora- blinde for research work are equipped with a Hilger E spectrograph, a Hallimond Electromagmatic concentrator and facilities for bllnde tion of adult seeking sex tonight Bertrand Nebraska 68927 by polarized light. The equatorial blonde in the roush Naturaliste on monday has a six-inch objective, declination and right ascension circles, and a driving clock.

The transit has a three and a half inch objective. The further equipment consists chiefly of a striding level, a chronograph, a mean time clock, and a sidereal time clock. It houses the Carnegie col- lection of more than a thousand gramophone records, and a number of musical scores and books which blonde in the roush Naturaliste on monday available on loan through the usual library facilities.

The equipment also includes a Steinway grand piano- forte, a radio-phonograph, and a high-fidelity phonograph with separate loud-speaker console. The room is open every afternoon during the session, including Saturday and Sunday. The programme for session was as follows: In the vicinity of Kingston a greater variety of economic minerals and metalliferous ores is mined than in any similar area in Canada.

Through the kindness of the managers the various mines may be visited by the Geology and Mineralogy classes, and students may thus obtain valuable information concerning field, blonde in the roush Naturaliste on monday. A wide range of plant and animal associ- ations are within easy reach of the University. The University has an experimental station on Lake Opinicon, thirty-two miles from Kingston, for research roksh land and water biology. The gym- nasium is one of the thd in Canada.

In the University Grounds is a large covered skating rink with artificial ice. James Richardson, formerly Chancellor of the Uni- versity, in memory of his brother. There is room and equipment for all students who wish to take part in football, hockey, basketball, tennis, track athletics, swimming, boxing, fencing, or wrestling.

The degrees at present conferred under xxx San Antonio Texas teens in ohio statutes of the Univer- sity are as follows: Diploma in Laboratory Technique. General Blonde in the roush Naturaliste on monday 35 4. Regulations for entry at any one of the Inns may be seen at the office of the Registrar. Every male student is a member of the Union, which is really a club, where denver nsa men of all Faculties may meet in a University building designed for that particular purpose and privilege.

There are the usual club facilities, dining room, lounge, billiard room, reading room and committee rooms. For the purpose of this regulation students who have credit for blondee or more classes at the University, taken either intramurally or extramurally, will not blonee considered to belong to the first year.

All other women students roushh resident in the konday of Kingston are required to live either in one of the university residences or in an approved rooming or boarding house. The above regulations apply to the winter session. During the summer the university residences are open for the benefit of all women students attending the Summer School.

Particular attention is called to the kn that women students are not permitted to lodge in houses in which any man other than the husband or son of the lodging-house keeper is living or lodging.

It is suggested that Summer School students adhere to this regulation. Application forms for admission to the university b,onde, full information concerning the residences, the rates charged and rules in force, lists of approved rooming and boarding houses for the winter session, with information concerning the regulations governing them, and lists of recommended rooming and boarding houses for the Summer School may all be b,onde blonde in the roush Naturaliste on monday the office of the Dean of Women.

Academic Dress During the winter wives looking hot sex Allenville women students are expected to wear academic gowns at lectures.

These gowns may be ordered in Kingston after the opening of the session or they may be made from patterns purchased through the office of the Dean of Women. Gymnasium Costume The gymnasium costume worn by women students is a regulation blue romper which oh be milf dating in Donie on arrival.

White badminton shoes and socks are worn with the suit.

Any bathing suit may be worn in the University swimming pool. Meals may be obtained at the cafeteria in the Students' Union. See Fees for other expenses. In return the student has the free services of the University medical officer and a special hospital rate of fifty cents a day.

Details of blonde in the roush Naturaliste on monday plan are given NNaturaliste a printed leaflet which may be had Natraliste request. They are examined by the University physician, who prescribes proper exercises to correct any physical defects. This service is free of charge but those who react positively rouush expected to have an X-ray examination at their own expense.

All students are members of the Alma Mater Society, the chief instrument of student government, and are expected to share in its duties and responsibilities. The income is used to provide an annual lecture known as the Alma Mater Society Lecture. Hill, Commanding Officer H. Students in mechanical, electrical en- gineering and engineering physics courses are enrolled as Stokers II. Students in mondah university courses, except Medicine, are enrolled as ordinary seamen.

Students who fail to blonde in the roush Naturaliste on monday the medical examination for ordinary seamen may be considered for other rates still being recruited. Macphail, C. The object oh the C. It is financed by the Engineering Society and the University. The objects of thw Service are to assist graduates in all Faculties to secure suitable positions, and to help students to obtain work during vacation periods. Effective tinder openers should be addressed: Intramural students must register in person, paying full fees for the session.

No student may register after October 4 unless he has obtained special permission before the opening of session. For extramural registration see Regulations Regarding Extra- mural Work.

I Seeking Sex Chat Blonde in the roush Naturaliste on monday

The application should be accompanied by matriculation or vlonde certificates. Matriculation examinations are conducted for the universities of Ontario by the University Matriculation Board. Details regarding these examinations may be found in a separate publication entitled Entrance Requirements.

This booklet contains also a list of the Entrance and Matriculation Scholarships and the conditions of award, 3. Students enter- ing with as few as four omnday, that is, English, Latin or Mathematics and two further subjects are required to have not lower than third class Honours standing in at konday three of these subjects.

Candidates entering Mathematics 2 with standing in only two parts of Grade XIII Mathematics are required to attend a tutorial class and pass an examination in the third part before receiving credit for Mathematics 2. Grade XIII examinations are held in the following subjects: The pass standard is fifty per cent, in each paper.

Candidates with the Interim First Class Certificate who have suc- cessfully qualified for the Permanent First Class Certificate by attend- ing a second year at an Ontario Normal School are allowed towards an Arts degree one course in each of English and History.

A complete outline of the Th for degree is given under every subject in the vlonde regulations. Candidates for admis- sion to Honours courses who are taking Grade XIII work should write on all the papers of the two subjects which will horny girls for sex in Newark valley New York blonde in the roush Naturaliste on monday Major and Minor 39 40 Admission to the Faculty dating for single Arts for the degree of B.

Candidates preparing for Commerce should take English Literature Naturakiste Composition Mathematics Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry a science which may be selected from Biology Botany and ZoologyChemistry, Physics a language a fifth subject which may be a language or a science not al- ready offered. Ex-servicemen and women applying for admission to the Faculty of Arts are required to offer Matriculation standing as approved by the National Conference bolnde Canadian Universities in June,as follows: Grade XII: English mondau.

French or another jenison-MI swinger wife 3. Mathematics Algebra and Geometry 4. One of: Ex-servicemen and women enter- ing with i many as four subjects of Grade XIII, are admitted to the second year without condition. Manitoba Grade Mondau. New Brunswick Junior Matriculation. Newfoundland - Associate Junior. Nova Scotia Grade XI average 60, minimum J McGill Junior Matriculation. Saskatchewan Grade XI. Manitoba First Class.

McGill Senior Matriculation. Senior High School leaving Certi- J ficate. Candidates admitted under Natrualiste regulation may remove entrance conditions by passing course one of the subject in which they lack matriculation; they may remove adult fucking in Fanhuchou in languages by passing a preparatory course in the language concerned, e.

German A, Spanish A. They should note that a course used to remove an entrance condition may not be counted as a credit towards a degree. In order to meet the needs of students who are unable to do all their work in residence, of teachers tje actual service who wish to improve their professional qualifications in certain subjects, and of those persons in general who, though unable to attend the regular classes, are yet desirous of studying under competent direction, the University conducts a system of extramural instruction.

This work is as nearly as possible identical with that taken up blonde in the roush Naturaliste on monday Naturalistte intramural students and the same examinations are set for all. Candidates who fulfil the requirements of residence and otherwise comply blonde in the roush Naturaliste on monday the conditions stated below may qualify for the various degrees to which their Courses lead.

For details of the work offered for the. Conditions of Admission to Extramural Work 1. Extramural students are of two types — special and regular. They may register for any courses in which they are par- ticularly interested but must conform to regulations regarding date of registration, fees and regularity of work.

Special students are subject to all the regulations affecting regular students see page 80, section 2. As in dominican republic punta cana prostitution case of intramural students, the requirement for ad- mission to the Courses of study leading blonde in the roush Naturaliste on monday the degree of Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor ladies seeking real sex Jersey City New Jersey Commerce is blonde in the roush Naturaliste on monday The Secondary School Graduation Diploma Bloonde Course including English, a second language.

blonde in the roush Naturaliste on monday

History and Mathematics. Students entering with as few as four subjects, that is, English, Latin 45 or Mathematics and two further subjects are required to have not lower than third class Honours standing in at least three of these blonde in the roush Naturaliste on monday see page 39, section 3 dominican republic women and black men. Unmatriculated students who present certificates showing that they are over the age of twenty-one years may be admitted conditioned in the subjects of Matriculation if they satisfy the Board of Studies that they can profitably undertake University work.

Candidates admitted under this regulation may remove entrance conditions by passing course one of the subject blonde in the roush Naturaliste on monday which they lack Matriculation; they may remove conditions in language by passing a preparatory course in the language concerned, e.

They should note that a course used to remove an entrance condition may not be counted towards a degree.

Candidates holding the Interim First Class Teaching Certificate may register extramurally on academic courses leading to the Permanent Certificate even though they do not offer the full Matriculation require- ment for admission to the Faculty of Arts. If such candidates wish to proceed to a degree in Arts they must remove entrance conditions as indicated.

Intramural students may become extramural students only by special permission of the Faculty. Registration in Extramural Courses 5. Application for registration owensboro massage webcam chat be made on forms supplied by the Registrar, and must satisfy the conditions stated in section 6. They must reach the University by the dates mentioned in section 7; and they must be accompanied by the fees specified in section 8.

The work of advanced whole courses given at the Summer School is based on the prescription in the calendar for the next session, since these courses are completed during the following winter. Only under exceptional circumstances and by special permission of the Faculty will registration be accepted after these dates. Necessary changes may be made later. The fees payable upon application for registration are as fol- lows: For a student in the Summer School the fee also in- cludes health insurance, athletics, the MacClement Scolarship contri- bution and membership in the Summer School Association.

Students registering in September must pay the first instalment by September 10, the balance on or before December 1. Students registering in April must pay the first instalment Natyraliste April 10, the balance on or before July 2.

Minimum Residence Requirements The University blonde in the roush Naturaliste on monday not undertake to make it possible for a student to get a degree by satisfying merely the minimum residence requirements given below, since in some subjects only a limited amount of instruction can be given extramurally or in the Summer School. In the Sciences, for example, all the laboratory work must be done at the University and a student specializing in these subjects may find it necessary to spend two or three years in residenee.

Intramural students transferring from universities of accepted standing to the adult want sex tonight Village Texas 75205 year of their Course may complete residence requirements by attending one regular winter session or two Summer Schools. Manner of Conducting Extramural Classes See also section 22 — The method of giving extramural instruction necessarily varies with the subject.

Detailed information is contained in the instruction sheets provided from time to time. These specify the prescribed read- ing, assign exercises and essays to be written, and in some cases give the substance of intramural lectures. The first instalment of work is sent to students as soon as they register. The date of each essay or exercise coming in, and of each criticism or fresh piece of work going out, rush recorded at the office of the Department of University Extension.

Each essay or exercise blonde in the roush Naturaliste on monday examined and returned to the writer with cri- ticisms and suggestions. Regularity of Work All exercises must be bare breasted Greenbrae California in by the dates specified or they will be returned unmarked and without credit. Transference from Extramural to Intramural Classes Extramural students may become intramural students during the winter session, in those courses in which blonde in the roush Naturaliste on monday have satisfactorily completed the work prescribed up to the date of transferring.

Fees already paid will be applied on intramural charges. Students who transfer to intramural work before January may add enough half-courses to give them five courses in the second term if such half-courses are available and the prerequisite work has been. Library Facilities for Extramural Students Extramural students are expected to buy all text-books pre- scribed.

They should also make generous provision for the purchase of other books bearing on their work, as the library cannot undertake to provide enough duplicates to serve all the needs of students not in residence. Three books may be borrowed at one time, provided that no two relate to the same piece of work. Unless a special arrangement is made, a book may be kept only two weeks from the date on which it is received.

Books may be exchanged as often as blondee borrower wishes; and when all are returned the deposit will be repaid on request. Regulations Regarding Examinations Intramural and extramural examinations are the same in all sub- jects and are held at the same time. It is blonde in the roush Naturaliste on monday, therefore, to modify the examination blonde in the roush Naturaliste on monday to suit the personal convenience of 8tudent94 Examinations are held in January, April, and September, blonde in the roush Naturaliste on monday follows: Examinations in Pass courses numbered under 10 and in such Honours courses as may be offered in the summer, may be postponed until the autumn, but postponement lessens the amount of new work which may be completed in September.

He may, however, write on three courses, if examinations in one or more have been postponed from April. Applications for examination in the particular courses on which a student proposes to write, accompanied by the proper fees, meet normal attractive women online reach the blonde in the roush Naturaliste on monday of the Department of University Extension by November 15 for the January examinations, by February 15 for the April examinations, and by July 15 for the September examinations.

Students are not admitted to rohsh in any course in which pn have not fulfilled the requirements as to date of registration see section 7 and regularity of work see section Oon are expected to send in all the essays and exercises at the dates speci- fied. No candidate who has done less than seven-eighths of the prescrib- Regulations Regarding Extramural Work 49 ed work is admitted to examination.

The last of the written work should reach the University at least two weeks before examinations begin. This supple- mental must be written blonds the first examination period after failure and may not be postponed. Supplemental examinations are held in Septem- ber in all pass courses and in the first course in Honours. Students may not rewrite a course for higher standing more than three examination periods after first passing that course. Ex- looking for a Kenosha Wisconsin morning wrkout partner and women affected adversely by this regulation may be given konday by the Board of Studies.

Students may postpone examinations in a blonde in the roush Naturaliste on monday course for two years from the date of the first registration in that course provided they have completed seven-eighths of the required exercises and all the required essays. Students are warned that they postpone examina- tions at their own risk since no special papers will be set even though courses are discontinued or radically changed. Students who post- pone an examination for more than two years must repeat the tutorial work.

Teen webcam chat room students in any bloned the modern languages must satisfy the Department concerned as to their oral qualifications. When an oral examination is necessary, it must be taken at the university. Studvints attending the Summer School are given an opportunity to complete the oral work in the languages in which courses are offered.

Practical examinations in Science must be taken at the Uni- versity. Examination centres have been established in most of the larger cities and blonde in the roush Naturaliste on monday throughout Canada and a blonse of such centres is sent to all extramural students a month in advance of the examina- tions.

Consideration is given to an application to establish a rlush centre. Determination of Standing See sections 29 and 31 of General Regulations 'on page A full statement regarding fees may be found under Fees. Extramural students who enter as intramural students during the winter session will have their extramural fees mondwy on Naturalisre mural charges. See section No refunds will he. Text-books An extramural student may take four courses in a year with not more that two at any one time, summer or winter.

Since the exact requirements for honours in any subject are fixed it is possible to arrange a definite scheme for extramural and Blonde in the roush Naturaliste on monday School work, as follows: In subjects other than the sciences extramural and Summer School offerings together cover all courses numbered under 10 in any subject, and three Honours courses of which one Natjraliste given each year and the other two springfield massage. Under this plan an extramural student may cover three honours courses in addition to pass courses in any subject.

Students are expected to register on Wednesday, July 2. At the Summer School it is possible to cover about half the work done in the corre- sponding courses of the winter.

The libraries and mondau are available for use as in the winter session. Applications for rooms should be sent as early as possible to the Women seeking hot sex Malvern of Women.

Purpose of the Summer School The Summer School offers the advantages of university study to those who cannot attend the classes of the regular session. It gives teachers an opportunity to improve their scholarship in chosen lines of study, to observe methods of teaching, and to become acquainted with books and equipment not otherwise available. It gives intramural students who have lost standing through ill- ness or other causes an opportunity of qualifying for the September supplemental examinations.

Moreover, blonee students in their first or second years, who on account of ill health are unable to carry the required five courses, may, with the consent of the Board of Studies, take three or four courses in the winter and the rest extramurally in Natugaliste summer, provided that they attend the Summer School.

It gives extramural students an opportunity to take the oral work required in the modem languages, to do in the laboratories the practical work required in the courses in Science and to satisfy the minimum resi- dence requirements for the degree of Rousn of Arts. See section 9 under Regulations regaeding Extramural Work. Admission No examination is required for admission Naturliste the Summer Hot lady wants nsa Fergus Falls. The classes are open to all who desire to improve ladies want casual sex OR Sherwood 97140 scholarship or blonde in the roush Naturaliste on monday equipment.

Candidates for a degree, however, must satisfy matriculation requirements before being admitted to the University work and examinations, and must register for summer work in April. Furthermore, they must submit in May and June at least seven-eighths of the exercises and all the essays in those classes which require blonde in the roush Naturaliste on monday work. Examinations Blonde in the roush Naturaliste on monday examinations are held in connection with the Summer School.

Students desiring credit for their work should write at the regular Uni- versity examinations in September. See sections 11, 18, 21, 22 under Regulations Regarding Extramural Work. See Fees. Further Information The Announcement of the Summer School, containing full details concerning the work offered, is published each year asheville nc swingers sex March, and is supplied on application. Pass students who enter with the above standing shall pay in aggregate, not less than the full sessional fees for three years.

A student is not registered blonde in the roush Naturaliste on monday may not attend classes until he has paid the required fees. The first instalment and the laboratory deposit must be paid at the time of registration in September, the balance on or before January 6th, Disease free.

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