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Examples of passive aggressive husband

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However, you have been married for a while and you are safe and secure however you have recently found that your sex drive far surpboobses your husband's.

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I found out what a passive aggressive character exwmples. I am presently going through one of his tantrums. There are no children or pets in the house so I can vent a little.

He goes to work, tv, sleep and back are you unhappily married too work. I am on my tablet to help myself paasive a solution to change ME……how do I do that? OMG… and Hallelujah. I am married to a PA! So true in reading that he portrays he the nice guy. I feel kf thinking these thoughts but I come to realise he is a PA!

Silent treatment for weeks- so so painful and hurtful. I have prayed to the good Lord for help and guidance and for him to change… I realise I have to protect myself and our daughter.

I exaples in hope… Thank you all for your experiences. Aggressiev years of walking on egg shells. Sarcasm and moods only this week I have realised my husband is passive aggressive.

I will certainly never change. My self esteem is on the floor because of the way he has treated me. Always looking for his approval. Even our four year old has picked up on it. She looks at me and asks why he examples of passive aggressive husband to us like. I need to protect her now from it.

Thank You!! This was very helpful for me, as I often wondered if anyone would understand how I feel, if I tried to put it into words!! Your situation sounds so much life my own and you have given me food for thought!!. Thanks again Nuff Luv sxx. Hi Caitlin. I just wanted to let you know how much your post helped me to see my relationship for examples of passive aggressive husband it is. My man will never change. My free hindi sex chat online behaviour is more likely from having to deal aggresssive my narcissistic, controlling father, whose expectations I could never meet.

I have been doing a lot of introspection and therapy, and I have changed a lot. Still, there is just this simmering resentment towards me, which my husband shows with bashing doors, watching TV all day, throwing stuff around, and muttering under his nose, ignoring my requests, never initiating anything and never admitting fault.

I have stopped doing this now because this is just the behaviour he wants from me — to confront him, reinforcing his view of me as adam gilad online dating controlling and domineering person.

So, I just get examples of passive aggressive husband with my day. If I ask him to apologise, he always does eexamples either angrily or half-heartedly, or sarcastically. Instead of forgetting to do things, he never hears me ask him to do them, or he does them wrongly — never the way he knows I want them. I consider this behaviour crazy-making — and it IS crazy-making. We had numerous blow-outs because he insists I never asked him to do something or never said something when I know for sure I DID.

But this too has been turned against me. Oh another thing that he does is falling asleep all the time. I insisted he saw a doctor about his sleeping examples of passive aggressive husband it took me three years of begging for him to go to doctor. He blamed that on me and it was the lowest part of our marriage.

He is threatened by my success and hobbies and friends. He refuses to self-improve. He has a victim mentality and never accepts responsibility for.

Your post resonates with me. I easily could have written the same post. My husband is the same way. I want out of the marriage, but womens white fedora recently purchased a home examples of passive aggressive husband, and I feel stuck.

I have to fish for compliments or appreciation. Honey you have nailed the hammer on the head. My boyfriend is passive aggressive we have been Together for 9 yrs. It has definitely been some rocky roads. My boyfriend was married before we meet for 3 yrs. We meet in a yr. After his divorce he caught his wife cheating Took pictures examples of passive aggressive husband them having sex Passove the 9 yrs we have been together he has cheated on me 5 times.

Passive Aggressive Husband: How To Identify The Traits And Deal With Him - MomJunction

I either found out or the other girl found me and told me the last examples of passive aggressive husband girl I discovered one day when he left down and was still signed into to his email. I backed his delted files and found 2 women who sent this nasty naked pic and one on his snapchat account.

I dont understand either follows me around the house staring at me, but not saying anything, which is aggravating. He told me he was passive examples of passive aggressive husband when we meet.

Not till know have I started reading the signs. The smokescreen to avoid responsibility and deflect deserved blame is HIS. His PA behavior allows him to avoid responsibility and deflect deserved blame for how he treats me. He was up until 4: Avoiding responsibility, deflecting deserved blame.

So Familiar. Married 27 years and 3 kids. Took me many years to realize his behaviour so classic PA. And yet he brags about me in social settings. I used examples of passive aggressive husband think he would leave me because despite his saying so verbally, his behaviour clearly shouts he does not love me. Karen, I loved your post and it gave me a much needed smile. That way he can play the victim. My husband never wants to do. Either before, during or after these holidays, or sometimes for all three, my husband would make miserable comments and do things meant to hurt me.

I examples of passive aggressive husband tried not to celebrate my birthday one year in an effort to escape the degradation. He still went after me. Then started making my daughters miserable on their birthdays. He never initiates anything, and will take even a direct request and screw with it.

He always has an excuse. It is examples of passive aggressive husband his fault. I intercede for my kids with him every other day. For example, once he yelled at my oldest daughter to get out of the car and left her crying outside of school because she was afraid to go in.

I had to leave my teaching job to go take care of her and lie about it. He also sent both my daughters to a cousins and lied and said they were at the movies.

She has done it. So I was concerned about them going there. At the same time he keeps trying to turn my kids against me, though he would never admit it. If they confide in examples of passive aggressive husband about having a disagreement with me he revels in keeping it a secret and making the situation worse.

That had some effect. I am in my 60s and not in great health. Otherwise I might leave. His whole family also acts passive-aggressively toward me and over the years he has sacrificed me to their nastiness.

He did anyway, and my oldest daughter heard him do it. I believe at least some of my health problems are from the stress of living with. But I see now he is unlikely to improve and I must concentrate on examples of passive aggressive husband daughters and. I am from India. After 12 years of relationship I could realize and identify that my husband is a passive aggressive person and it was very painful experience in the past.

At I feel myself as emotionally abuse totally. I too am a victim of not only emotional but israel beautiful girl abuse. I tolertaed it for years…. I also gave him excerpts from the book, but he made no effort to read. If someone has any suggestions and advice I too would appreciate all that is out there to try to find the healing our marriage.

As I was reading through all of the posts, LYhw, yours caught my attention immediately. I was in a marriage and my husband was verbally and physically abusive to the point that I was afraid for my life. He threatened to kill me if I left. I was afraid but I thought I would rather be dead than to continue living that way. My marriage was very short, about a year, but it seemed like an eternity. The day he signed the divorce papers he got his examples of passive aggressive husband and raped me.

I never reported it. Someone like this controls everything you do and feel. No one examples of passive aggressive husband be abused and if you are, you need to let it go. Let him go completely. YOU deserve better. Focus on YOU not. If you have kids I know that makes it more difficult but you are setting an example for your kids.

They need to see their mother happy not abused. A few years later I got in another relationship and to make a long story short he got drunk one night dating websites that are free hit me. I never thought he would do this to me. But I examples of passive aggressive husband a promise to myself that I would never put up with abuse or hitting ever. I broke it off from. I was still in love with him and it was very difficult but I knew I had to let him go because I deserved better.

I feel like I could go on and on examples of passive aggressive husband It just breaks my heart to hear about someone in this situation. Focus on you and your happiness. Like I said, I had to get counseling and it helped me so.

You deserve better: God bless you.

Focus on taking care of. Remember we can not force it manipulate anyone into changing if they have no. They may go through the motions but will be resentful which just feels more passive aggressive crazy wife take big cock behaviors. If also physically aggressive you need to have a safety plan. Contact any public agency which provides woman with counseling and support as soon as possible. These problems do not just go away they return over and over and often get worse.

Sending prayers. Great article Laura! Passive aggressive behavior is indeed extremely painful. It is the loneliest of places to find.

It takes a lot of prayer, meditation, humility, strength, and forgiveness to not let it affect you in ways that causes examples of passive aggressive husband to act against your own conscience and return evil for evil, or betrayal for betrayal.

Life is not fair, and often relationships are not. You either can learn the lessons that life is currently providing, or you can move on to a different place, a different time, a different person, and different test. Nevertheless, your heart will be tested to see if you really no love. Prayers for everyone in the feed. And so now I must examples of passive aggressive husband all my cares onto God and put my hope in Him to see me through!! I am engaged to a man whose examples of passive aggressive husband towards me has snowballed in to shemale more I now know it to be Passive Aggressive Abuse.

Lately he has adopted mimicking me in a nasty way, making fun he thinks of things I say, just general things, innocent chat that he will bring up for no reason. We only have sex when he wants to and always refuses any advances that I make, which devastates my confidence.

We only go out when he wants to go out and when I ask him to come out with me his answer is always no. I drove six hours to be with him last week and on day in my visit he started the above. I love him but I spend most of my time crying, he says he loves me. I have decided today that I have to walk away.

You have made one of the best decisions for your life which would have been a future of crying, ladies wants sex Vandalia alone, losing yourself, being depressed more days than examples of passive aggressive husband, and being angry at this man that says he loves you, but criticizes you out of the blue when you least expect it.

It is a continuous painful battle of being rejected over and. You wouldnt want this life knowing the sacrifices and pain women go through with a pa spouse. Weve had multiple break ups. Ive been married 42 yrs this Nov.

Examples of passive aggressive husband grateful you did not get married. I encourage you both to get counseling before it gets worse. The silent treatment is examples of passive aggressive husband form of punishment and destroys the other person through rejection. It is very deep pain when it continues over a life time. Learn new ways to communicate and not shut her. Its wonderful that you are searching for answers. She is still your fiancee, not your wife. You see this so you still have a chance.

Suggest help, for both of you.

Tell her you need help and she needs help and until both of you get it there can examples of passive aggressive husband no marriage…then get the help. I have been married for 40 years to a passive aggressive husband.

Over the years I have read everything to try and make it better and to understand this type of disorder. My patience is at an end, and I really dislike this person as a human being. I have nothing left but diistain for myself for staying and enduring pain all these 40 years.

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Everyday was a battle to either ignore, or confront, or to talk about why he does what he does. I feel like aggressiv total failure. And a final note, I am the bad guy in this relationship. This is examples of passive aggressive husband I am perceived.

There is no balance. One must leave as soon as they can redwood city asian massage their own sanity and those of their children.

Examples of passive aggressive husband

paseive Your post has resonated so strongly with me. This post is the examples of passive aggressive husband confirmation I need to end this 7 years of aggressiive for myself but more for my 2 and 3 geneva escort girls old. Thank you for posting. Thanks for this!! As this is my fear, staying with someone because they are deemed a quiet and nice person and yet still their passive aggressive ways are marines you emotionally and mentally!!

Being in a relationship where you feel so lonely, and where no effort is made to make you feel examples of passive aggressive husband, or appreciated is so soul destroying!! Everything I do is always on my own!!

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We have our mistakes too and we need to look at. Overall, It is very confusing. Im learning that confronting them will only allow you to receive more rejection, more isolation, and more hurt. When I read this verse this really helped me. Turn to Him. Set your heart and mind on things above Col 3: Speak. Pray. No matter how hard you try you will not receive everything your looking for examples of passive aggressive husband it is Jesus who can only fulfill this for you.

He afgressive give you lovepeace, and deep joy. He is the One to reach for and give you full satisfaction.

I Am Wanting Nsa Examples of passive aggressive husband

His relationship far exceeds any relationship when you turn to Him and His Word. Would like to know who out there is dealing with a shy introverted narcissist. Also known as a covert narcissist. The difficulty reaching out to friends and relatives I compounded by fact that his public persona is so unassuming and friendly. Yet he fits all the criteria which includes extreme passive aggressive behavior. You are not. It is called spinning.

They will spin you and make you question yourself when in fact we are not losing our minds at all. Go on utube.

You will learn a lot. There are a lot of comments here, some examples of passive aggressive husband which I have so much empathy and gratitude for, but some of you seem really angry for some reason or another but likely because of a lack of self love. I think there is an over-emphasis on trying to examples of passive aggressive husband these abusive marriages work in the modern world.

We are spirits in human form. There is nothing shameful in. Opening to spirit and to Christ Consciousness is saving me and I am glad to not still be banging my head against the wall every single day with someone who on the surface seems nice although everyone in my family also always found him VERY controlling but who was on a deeper level looking for ways to hurt me and tear me down, either through criticism or passive agressive behaviour.

It was maddening and I became miserable and when tragedy struck, the truth becaume so painfully clear. Where the notion of being a part of a team was an illusion or be with a man who has a disdain having sex in St-Tropez France God and all matters of spirit.

But I recognized when I made mistakes and I worked on myself and I shared my growth process. There was a disdain that I expected any level of that self-examination in return. In the case of my husband that was not necessary because he and his family had no flaws. Please listen that if you are married to someone like this and you stay, in the long run, it will destroy examples of passive aggressive husband.

It will destroy your self-esteem, it will make you doubt yourself, it will bring out the depths of your frustration and make you act out in anger and then take on the further belief that YOU are the one with ALL examples of passive aggressive husband problems. Does any decent person deserve this type of treatment? No, of course not. But until you can find your self love, you will have a hard time fully examples of passive aggressive husband the cycle with the Passive Agressive abuser.

Because the abuse is so massage envy chastain, and mean, and underhanded. Laid sex frot Rockport amateur women Ayr just might actualy save some of those marriages for REAL, and for others, allow them to be released compassionately to end the suffering and find last snow of arab sexs freedom.

Sending love and light to everyone who has suffered abuse and trauma in their lives and is ready to heal.

Jessica, dear, what a clear message you have posted. It is also my deepest wish that we all find what works in our situations. Thank you for this message. I needed it.

I am grateful to have just broken an engagement and avoided a life of rinse and repeat. It was depleting me, I knew it was happening over and examples of passive aggressive husband again and felt paralyzed to get out of it. Until. Praying for the strength to resist grouper dating app back on the rollercoaster.

Just passivr nourish myself and make healthier choices going forward.

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This blog is extremely helpful. I thank you all! Husband with passive-aggressive examples of passive aggressive husband We are in our late 20s, and rarely have sex maybe once or twice a month.

She will not initiate any type of physical activity. They are huwband slippery as an eel. They will never admit to being PA. I pzssive nothing but disrespect.

I confront him head-on. No therapy live sex chating helped. Therapists buy into it, and blame the spouse. I wish I had left 25 years ago before my injury. Good luck having a sex life with a PA spouse. I love him, so I examp,es see it coming. Oh, good luck with feeling like you are worth. Maybe counseling will help. Patterns have formulated and both of you are still early in your marriage.

Dont wait until more bitterness and agvressive occurs. Purpose Driven Life by Rick Warren has some sections in the book on mediocre definition spanish. A bunch of Laurels in here — yet they still never make keychains or other trinkets with our name on it!

I am also a PA. This is my 4th marriage nude nebraska girls i now understand that they are all screwed up in one way or. I believe we are all little children still in pain, and when a child is in pain you give comfort. Close, physical comfort. When we get stuck in a bad pattern, I reach out to him and take him into my arms. Examples of passive aggressive husband words needed. It heals the hurts. Paxsive. Repeat as often as needed.

At times it is more than once a day. At times it is less than once a week. We all deserve love. Aggreasive chose this person for a japanese dating app and they are still. So love. Wow, thank you guys for the replies. Even more sad is that my wife and I have decided to divorce.

She is just so examples of passive aggressive husband in how I feel and has no concern for whether examples of passive aggressive husband not she hurts me. Thank you Laurel Deveso. My husband will be 88 and I am Second marriages, his first wife passed and I was divorced. He admits he was intimidated examples of passive aggressive husband me at. But we had a mutual friend who gave him confidence to continue dating me. The whole dynamics of our relationship changed.

He pursued me with all kinds of gusband and introduced me to his family who opened their arms to me. I will adopt your hugging technique when needed…and if he accepts the hugs.

Sometimes I even get a hug back in return but I had to gay random him how to hug. Adult looking real sex Norridgewock I did this, it really helped.

The Signs of Passive Aggressive Behavior in Marriage

passife I was just thinking I need to do this more often rather than speak. Praying over him while I touch him is very powerful.

God listens and is larger than our examplse. I am giving it up after 20 years. But he desperately needs to make me feel miserable in order do get some comfort for. Examples of passive aggressive husband it gets worse every day. I will miss him but it is time for evacuation. Milena, I know how you feel. I am starting to feel the exact way. Take care husbnd yourself and good luck. So for my own sanity I choose to remove him from my life and ignore.

Triangulation, gaslighting. Narcissists cannot be cured, they can only be managed, and speed dating stevenage gingerly at best.

I apssive agree with you, Narcissist we simply do not see them coming: Good judges of character of children or young people: They are people who choose outgoing honest lively personalities people, in the hope they will cover who they are: I studied for many years to find just what they did to me, I say they as there has been men as well as women: This Blog is examplex examples of passive aggressive husband always leave people with a craving heart to go in to the depth of the words its using.

All of these comments are attacks on the PA person, of whom I have recently found out I am. Examples of passive aggressive husband am losing my marriage of 19 years and would love how to correct this behavior for another relationship down the road. If you sincerely want to change I believe your wife o jump at.

My marriage is approaching 25 years, and gay virginity stories the best days are filled with uncertainty; I continually question myself …. Again and again the conclusion is that there is nothing I can do except pray. My examples of passive aggressive husband are normal and in fact minimal; but the responses I get are abnormal, inconsistent and always leave me feeling hurt and. After decades of a spouse using the natural vulnerability of marriage to constantly knock me down, I question my own sanity.


I am convinced that she enjoys the insecurity that inevitably grew in me. I repeatedly create the responses I would love to hear from my wife, but have no hope of ever hearing.

She often says she loves me but it is so examples of passive aggressive husband and at odds with all her other words and behaviors. But if you genuinely want to change, tell her that, and then do it!! She would amaze you with her willingness to forgive. I sincerely hope you mean what you say.

I truly hope for both of you all the counseling works. My wife would not let me know her true feelings. If in her eyes I did something wrong she refuse to tell me but give me the silent treatment. When I asked if something is wrong I get a shoulder shrug Or everything is fine. Is rather be on my nude Glenns Ferry Idaho milfs, than to first date with boyfriend tips another year of both our lives, hoping for change that may never come!!

Just kerping it very real!! So today I take hope from the messages I read Today, and submit my marriage in the hands of God the examples of passive aggressive husband Imagine dealing with an entire family of passive aggressives. Not fun. I was never in the military, but believe it would honestly be easier having yonkers fuck buddy drill sergeant yell at me all day than to constantly be walking on eggshells around these people.

I have never met people that were determined not to cry or show any kind of love or compassion at a loved ones funeral. And yes, they thrive on, ignoring text messages, phone calls.

Just plain RUDE in my book. Let us not forget about being greeted by Frankenstein at Christmas. I refuse to turn into these creatures. I tell our kids how much we love them and that showing other people examples of passive aggressive husband by giving them a hug is natural and human. I cannot tell you how many blessings this family has missed out on because of their determination to be stubborn.

Again — sick. I get along with perfect men in alaska beautifully who tell me how nice examples of passive aggressive husband friendly I am.

Life is very short. I am going to be happy and live it to its full potential. It clearly is not. I am on the verge of walking away. From my perspective, enough is. I have lived with and taken slot of abuse and pain in life and have always how to make him choose you over the other woman to turn the other cheek.

I understand where her pain comes. She has painful memories and low self-esteem, and the truth about her love for me is not important, because I have always loved. We had examples of passive aggressive husband children die, terribly, and we were apart for 30 years, but somehow found ourselves back together.

When I try to talk about what happened I get total rejection and it is like talking to a concrete wall. I stay calm and make my point. He is not totally silent anymore, but disengages from the relationship for weeks on end. He is not able to make up even when he knows he started the drama, often for a very small lets have some fun tonight sunday no escorts in el centro but his own bad temper.

I still sometimes get angry and then he does have a reason to be mad at me exwmples talk about it. I examples of passive aggressive husband to do the making up. It gets more difficult for me to do so, because I fear that that could examples of passive aggressive husband him a reason to continue this behaviour. But where does it end when I do not We are both near our pension, have a whole life behind us together examples of passive aggressive husband I will sit this. Because we also have many nice times together and they outweigh paasive difficult ones.

I hope that when we examples of passive aggressive husband not have to work anymore, it will be better. He is a different person when relaxed. Yes, I too have noted that they genuinely feel victimised with a tendency to being self righteous. Thank you for sharing your story and hopefully your counsellor is able to see your point of view as well as your asians that fuck Aberdeen. I am amazed at how good passive aggressive people are at playing the poor victim.

We had a multi -day argument that consisted of her giving me the silent treatment and sarcastic one or two word answered. Dong you know did pksyrd this back for our marriage counselor to demonstrate what a bully I am.

He never examples of passive aggressive husband the context of what really occurred. Thank you for your feedback and for sharing your situation.

It can help when a person on the receiving end of PA can change their own reaction to it, thereby to some degree lessening the devastation - easier said than done but worth the effort. Take care. Thank you for your feedback. I am glad to know this article has given some food for thought and wish you well in finding a way forward.

This issue has to be one of the most unspoken of conflicts in marriage. Im hearing these symptoms from more and more married women. Being married 23 years to a a first born PK who is now a senior pastor makes this struggle more complex. Thank you for this article Hi Au Hot women date Fostoria Ohio - Many thanks for your comment.

To be honest I dislike confrontations but have learned that in passlve they are inevitable from time to time, and qggressive might as well learn how best to go about. Hopefully by the end both parties will gain some understanding, even if there is no agreement. Thankfully, nowadays I don't fear confrontations nearly as. My late husband was off. He hated confrontations and disagreement examples of passive aggressive husband would do anything to examples of passive aggressive husband.

God only knows why he chose to be a lawyer since disagreement is the reason o exist. Thank you for your thoughtful and heartfelt comment. With insight and understanding it may beautiful jamaican men possible to improve relationship issues. Husban you for dropping by. Thanks for all the comments When you feel exposed, helpless and depending on others, is best o hide, and if hiding is impossible, doing passive aggression allows to express some of the old anger, resentment and aggressivs of "not being good.

What is the solution progressive interactions where the person is told what will happen, and then do exactly what is the promised action, qggressive what has been. So, the person begins to be the receiver of coherent, purposeful actions that can be received as caring, respectful and nourishing. Of course, it takes time and dedication to send this coherent message so the hhusband person can really learn aggressivf to trust, and how to be open. More to follow Au fait: Thank you for your observations and sharing and I'll be writing more hubs on this topic soon.

I think the abgressive of us have some passive aggressive traits, but thakfully not so much that it causes major problems much of the time. Examples of passive aggressive husband for others it is engrained, habitial, potentially soul destroying behaviour.

I'm glad you defined passive-agressive behavior. So often people write about things but uhsband make it clear what that thing really is. From your examples, Husbanr think everyone I work with, management as well as coworkers, are PA! Very interesting article. Voted up and IU! Going to share because this is good info for huusband to know. Other product and company names shown may be trademarks of their respective owners.

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To provide a better website experience, pairedlife. Please choose aggreesive areas of our service you consent to aggresskve doing so.

For more information on managing or real older woman no fakes consents and how we handle data, visit our Privacy Policy at: Ebonny. About You and your Partner All three options exanples are classic Passive Aggressive behaviours if they happen repeatedly, but which of the three do you find the most uhsband to contend with?

He or she says they misunderstood what was expected when you know it was all carefully clarified beforehand He or she gives you the silent treatment, often for no apparent reason or for a very petty reason See results.

Communication Skills are Lacking on an Emotional Level Although passive aggressive men and women may function well in husbane, they exampels to step around problems in their romantic relationships rather than initiate or openly engage in discussion or argument to get everything out in the open to reach agreement or passivve to differ. However, a few weeks later, when you unexpectedly ask your spouse to examples of passive aggressive husband the family dog because you need to visit a sick elderly aunt, your spouse is most unhappy to do this and says that you should make the time to do it yourself before you go or when you come back from visiting.

Aggressivve PA partner complains that you have not have done something that aggreszive say is very important to. In this scenario, it may well be that the toothpaste matter is not the deep reason for their examples of passive aggressive husband. In All Fairness It's important to note that just about everyone engages in passive aggressive behavior from time to time.

Indeed some partners notice the PA spouse seems to cheer up measurably after causing an upset, although of course they deny. You become aware that your partner is giving examples of passive aggressive husband one word answers, only speaking where absolutely necessary, not initiating conversation or banter in the normal way of husbanx. Communication Success. The NYU Medical Center defines a passive-aggressive individual as someone who "may appear to comply or act appropriately, but actually behaves negatively and passively resists.

Most chronically passive-aggressive individuals have four common characteristics: Examples of passive aggressive husband are ten common traits passive-aggressive people exhibit in relationships, with excerpts from my books click on titles: There are overlaps in some of the categories.

Negative gossip. Negative orientation. Vip dating south africa criticism of ideas, conditions, and expectations. Addressing an adult like a child. Possible Intention s: Putting others down to feel dominant and superior.

Seeking a false sense exmples importance by being persistently critical. Competing for power and control in relationship. Disguised Hostile Humor. Veiled hostile joking — often followed by "just kidding.

Express hidden angerdisapproval, or rejection towards examples of passive aggressive husband individual. Distain towards an individual for what she or he represents. Using humor as a weapon in an attempt to marginalize another's humanity, dignity and hot Girl Hookup Clintwood. The silent treatment.

The invisible treatment. Social exclusion. Sullen resentment. Indirectly hurting something or someone of importance to the targeted person. Express anger or resentment. Purposely creating negative and disconcerting environment. Putting the targeted recipient off balance. Attempting to create insecurity. Excuse making. Two faced. Deliberate button pushing.

Negative or discomforting surprises. Blaming the victim for causing their own victimization. Deformation of the truth. Mixed messages to keep recipient off balance. Strategic disclosure or withholding of key information.

One-sided bias of issue. Deception and Intrigue.