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Famous couples in crime

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Bonnie and Clyde Fammous 21 months during the Great Depression, notorious outlaws Bonnie Parker and Clyde Barrow robbed shops, banks and gas stations famous couples in crime part of their crime spree, killing several policemen and civilians that got in their way. Eventually, police ambushed them in the desert and shot them.

He committed suicide while she was sentenced to crie in prison. The pair raped, murdered and cannibalised their victims, as well as mutilating their bodies.

Both were condemned to death, before having their sentences reduced to life imprisonment. Initially, Fernandez wooed the women and robbed them, but later the pair moved on to murder.

Caught and convicted of almost 20 murders, they were executed in Caught and found guilty, Brady was sent to a mental institution while Hindley faced life in prison. To this famous couples in crime, fuck Cambridge wife kidnapped and murdered a year-old boy, sending a ransom note to his parents after the crime to conceal the murder.

In total, they killed 11 people over two months.

Starkweather was executed, while Fugate was sentenced to life in prison. Related articles.

The Blackout ripper: Murdertown S2: Crime Profile. Why are we still so obsessed by Charles Manson?