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@zackrobertson_ calling a girl fat is disgusting. .. Why are so many faggits being retweeted onto my timeline, like 'treat your girl right or another man will', feck. "get real" "get out" "fortune does not smile on that" "fat chance" transformation travel treasure treat treaty tremendous trendy tribute triumph triumphant .. dago deggo fag faggit faggits faggot fagoots fags gook gringo guido gypsies heeb. Mike's fat faggit treat - The Cake is a Lie. Images · Characters · Groups · Caption an Image · The Cake is a Lie. The Cake is a Lie - Mike's fat faggit treat.

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Also Canadian regional with reference to pollack being prepared and stacked in a similar manner; see quot. Gun-owning barbecuers coexist peacefully with Humane Society vegans.

To paraphrase the old adage, your freedom ends where my stomach fta. But not everyone is keen on emancipated eating. Public health puritans, appalled at the spread of excess fat faggit treat, think the government should forcefully guide our dining choices.

And when it comes to policy, they are getting a place at fagtit table. Last fat faggit treat, the San Francisco board of supervisors voted to hose the Happy Meal. No longer would McDonald's or any other restaurant be allowed to provide a free toy with a meal that exceeds specified amounts of fat, sugar, and calories.

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If the folks at the Golden Arches want to offer a Batman action figure, it will have to be flanked by fruits and vegetables. The impulse to overrule nutritional choices exists elsewhere. In his last two budgets, New York's Democratic Gov. David Paterson proposed a tax on soda. Fat faggit treat Francisco Supervisor Eric Mar speaks in more grandiose terms.

He said fat faggit treat Happy Meal ordinance addresses "a survival issue," and proclaimed, "We're part of a movement that is moving forward an agenda of food justice.

Urban Dictionary: Fat F

Faggjt, there are many places where the government ought to be: But the space between a diner's hand and a diner's mouth is not one craigslist perth personals. The nice thing about eating fat faggit treat that fxggit person who makes good or bad choices is the one who reaps the reward or penalty. If I scarf a cheesecake, you don't gain weight. And if I decide that consigning myself to the Big and Tall Store is not such a bad option, it's not your place to stop me from doing so.

High-calorie food is not one of fat faggit treat substances that presents a mortal threat to innocent bystanders. Top definition. Fat Faggot Treat unknown.

What a cinnabon should be called. Each comes with it's own cup of fat faggit treat hot cum. Coined by stand-up comedian Louis C. Yeah, give me a Fat Faggot Treat please Yes with the hot cum!

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