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By using our site, you acknowledge lsdies you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service. It only takes a minute to sign up. The plural "guys" definitely is, at least here in San Francisco — I'm often hearing all-girl companies here being greeted with 'Hi guys, how are you doing? How about the singular guy? Is it universally assumed that 'the guy guys for ladies will be doing this' can be either guy or gal?

That said, there are some important distinctions you must understand:. The guys for ladies "guy" is another animal. It refers to males.

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It is also used to draw gender distinctions in a general way. This will also be understood to refer to men. Guys for ladies you wanted to make the same statement about women, you would use another noun: Now we're not sure we're talking about men.

If the speaker is female, it might mean a group of women.

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lavies Note that I say. Lufkin craigslist personals is more likely she would still be talking about men or a mixed group, but you never know. TL;DR - 'guy' is not gender neutral. It is not acceptable guys for ladies use that phrase in writing or formal guys for ladies.

The word 'guy' is not gender neutral, let's start.

Guys for ladies

It very much only refers to the male gender. But there is a very important caveat to that statement in regards to its usage in the second person plural. English doesn't have a good form of the second person plural. The closest thing we have is just 'you all' guys for ladies of course in the south US is used very often as just y'all.

In places where y'all is not said, saying 'you guys', can guys for ladies commonly heard when informally addressing a guy group, regardless of gender. I notice guys for ladies I use it often when addressing ladies looking sex tonight Cody Wyoming 82414 co-ed soccer team 'you guys are doing great out there! Still, this is not acceptable in writing or in formal ghys.

Although guys for ladies is usually gender-neutral, it's not always so. The title of the Frank Loesser musical. I would say that "guy" is somewhat gender neutral, at gkys in "gender neutral" contexts. Everyone needs to eat.

Guys for ladies

But, "Those women are all dating GUYs. I guys for ladies think there's a definitive answer because the word is evolving. I base this on the above, and on a comment from guys for ladies lates female acquaintance Connecticut, professional: It's the first time I remember hearing a woman refer to herself as "guy. Now that I think about it, this may be a strategy conscious or not by younger women to get around any sexism of "guys" -- ladiees women are guys, the sexism disappears.

One relevant question that no other answer has addressed in connection with gender-neutral use of "guy" or "guys" is, "How far back does such usage go? I just watched a movie called Three Broadway Girls aka The Greeks Had a Word for Themwhich was released in ; and on several occasions in the movie, in scenes where only guuys three lead characters are present, Jean Ina Claire's character refers to Schatzi Joan Blondell's character and Polaire Madge Evans's character as "you two guys.

I haven't been emotional abuse husband symptoms to fuys a guys for ladies of the play's script, guys for ladies. In any event, if the movie reflects contemporaneous usage, it appears that some guyz were referring to other women as "guys" at least 86 years ago. I agree with the posting by Innate that guys is most definitely not gender neutral, since we have gender neutral words in English that are much guys for ladies appropriate such as you guys for ladies, you folks, everyone, you people.

The word guy is singularity male and the guys for ladies guys can only be assigned gender neutrality if it wasn't used to describe men specifically, and which 99 percent of articles that refer to men uses the word guys. If the word men is considered sexist and non-inclusive, the word guys woman want casual sex Chapmansboro Tennessee right beside it.

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If Women are 'Guys', are Men 'Gals'? Around five years ago, it struck me that the term 'guys' had become commonplace in referring to both men. Male-female relationships are on the rise, and some men now have mostly women friends citing "emotional sharing" as important. If, we're to take the admonitions of our grammar school days seriously, "hey" is an inappropriately informal way to address someone. And yet.

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What is a feminine version of 'guys'? Unfortunately, the Chief Justice asked him "To whom are you referring?

Try calling groups of people any mixture of genders 'Gals' and see if there are any complaints. Just watching a wildlife programme and every animal mentioned is a he.

Hardly realistic or life affirming for women. Read the paper, watch the news, cartoons, for that guys for ladies, anything, and you will see the percentage of male we match dating females is always unbalanced. The male perspective is always proffered. All very tedious. That said, there are some important distinctions you must understand: A guy walked into my store and asked for some cigarettes.

There is no doubt that this is a man we're talking guys for ladies.

In most plural usages that are not directly addressing guys for ladies group, this rule also applies. Guys are pretty simple, when you get right down to it. However, you could say something like My friends in San Francisco? Those guys are so crazy!

It's a hard word to pin. Much depends on context. Robusto Robusto guys for ladies 30 30 gold badges silver badges bronze badges.

The use of "you guys" to include women ladiea also regional.

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It's common guys for ladies San Guys for ladies where I live nowand around Cleveland where I grew upbut when I used it in Texas where Free alt sex stories went to university, people found it surprising and it labeled me as a Yankee not that they didn't figure that giys as soon as I opened my mouth. In Texas, you've got the "y'all" equivalent.

I sometimes find ofr using this instead of "guys", even though technically I grew up above the Mason-Dixon line by a few miles. No, guys for ladies really, or at least not in the parts of the south I've heard. Adding "all" up front only sounds like emphasis to me.

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I grew up in Alabama. The only time I hear someone say y'all to refer to a single person it is a non-Southerner attempting a Southern accent. Another usage you've missed is formations like "A couple of guys for ladies or "A bunch of guys". In cases like this, it's plural, guys for ladies generally assumed to refer to groups of males only, regardless of who's saying it, so it works much like the singular case.

guys for ladies The title of the Frank Ladjes musical Guys and Dolls is enough to tell you guys for ladies it can sometimes be used to refer just to males. Mari-LouA I'm a Brit, and the name does send shivers down my spine, though not for any reason that would escort service watertown sd me doubt his grasp of English language.

But in any case I'm pretty sure he said guys and gals. You're right. How silly of me. Mixed his gals with your dolls.

Guys for ladies immediately delete my previous comment. Tom Au Tom Au 9, 4 4 gold badges 26 26 silver badges 53 53 bronze badges. Sven Yargs Sven Yargs k 21 21 gold badges silver badges bronze latah couple sex. Chris Brown Chris Brown 65 1 1 bronze badge.

Here in the UK you hear it but it's much more unusual. We mostly got it by way of Friends "you guys! If many people use with guys for ladies in a general way that still guys for ladies enough to make it gender-neutral. A glass ladeis water with a bit of lemon in it still tastes guys for ladies bit like lemon even if it isn't lemonade. There is enough "male" in "guy" to give it a flavor, especially in lxdies ears of some people Anecdotally, if the audience and speaker are all women, "you guys" is not uncommon and acceptable.

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