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Men who flirt

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Sometimes, however, friendliness may be construed as flirtiness: Did that lingering eye contact mean something?

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Did you stand closer to the person when speaking to them? Did you playfully tease them about something more men who flirt than you would towards a friend? msn

Personally, I fall into the accidentally-flirty camp, menn I am super friendly and men often misconstrue it as though I just told them I like them… men who flirt LOT. Of course, one person in the situation may be friendly while the other is flirty, or vice-versa.

Below, relationship experts weigh in to help discern the difference between being friendly and flirty. Here are nine signs someone is flirtingnot just being friendly.

See if they make direct or prolonged eye contact. Bennett agrees.

Tina B. Tessina, Ph. Friendly is relaxed and just implies cordiality while flirty tries to get across a specific interest in intimacy.

Another non-verbal clue that someone is flirting is that they make physical contact with you. Hall, too, thinks this is a big giveaway.

Tessina says. Thomas also thinks non-verbal clues can help you differentiate friendliness from flirtatiousness.

Many of us like a compliment, right? Hall says this can be another indication of flirtatious behavior — sometimes, at. Do they lean in? fllrt

men who flirt More is said through these cues than verbal ones, or along with verbal ones. Hall seconds this theory. So, now you know when someone is being flirty, not just friendly, and vice-versa.