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Hello and welcome to my new story! I hope you all enjoy the first chapter to this little idea naruto flirt been plaguing tlirt for awhile! I would like to thank my helper for naruto flirt this story for me!

Naruto ran through the trees with Naruto flirt and Sakura not far. They were nothing but blurs as they dashed from tree to tree. The breeze blew through Naruto's hair naruto flirt he grinned. It was such a beautiful day! The sun was shining, the birds were singing, and the deer were grazing.

The weather was warm, and the breeze was pleasant. There wasn't a cloud in the bright, beautiful blue sky. It was the perfect weather. It firt also naruto flirt wonderful day for our young hero.

Naruto Uzumaki had just recently returned from his training trip with Jiraiya. Once he naughty women want real sex Bridgeport Stamford gotten back, he enthusiastically greeted all of his old friends and teachers. He managed to spend some time chatting with them about their adventures in the Leaf without. It was a fun reunion, even the part where Granny Tsunade punched him through the window for calling him Grandma.

During his training trip he had missed her dearly, and was constantly worrying about. He knew how much she cared for Sasuke, and he had been concerned on how she was holding up. Once he returned to the naruto flirt, he sought her. naruto flirt

Naruto flirt I Look Sex Tonight

He was relieved to find that not only was she doing okay, but she was also nicer to him! Okay, she wasn't hitting him as.

That was something! She would even hold civil conversations with him! Those little moments of them just sitting down and talking made Naruto's day. He just wished that she would agree to naruto flirt on a date with. If things kept heading in this direction, she just might! He turned his head naruto flirt look behind him at his teammate. Naruto flirt noticed his gaze and sent him a small smile. Naruto wife want hot sex Shrewsbury her a large grin in return before turning his attention in from of.

Team seven was currently on their way back to the Leaf.

Naruto's Flirtatious Feline Chapter 1, a naruto fanfic | FanFiction

flirf They had been sent on a short C rank mission after Kakashi had administered the second bell naruto flirt. The mission was simple enough, head to a nearby village and pick up some special herbs that Tsunade needed for medication.

It was a very easy naruto flirt, one ladies looking sex Venice was supposed to ease hanley back into working together as a team and completing missions with one.

It went off without a hitch; they paid the money, and collected the box.

naruto flirt Now they were on their way back to the Leaf. Naruto was hoping to ask Sakura. He didn't know why, but today seemed like a wonderful naruto flirt to start a brand new relationship. The weather, the plants, and even the animals were juuust right.

Why wouldn't she want to date him? He might sound cocky naruto flirt thinking this, but female escorts in edinburgh had gotten quite handsome over the years.

He's also gotten stronger, more focused, and he's definitely matured. Kakashi even allowed him to carry the container with the herbs! That's' how much he trusted the young blonde! He may not be as cool, calm, and collected as Sasuke, but he's improving. He was quieter naruto flirt, and he actually thought before he spoke.

Sakura was sure to date him now! Before either Sakura or Kakashi could warn him, he ran into a branch. It nailed him in naruto flirt gut causing all the air to leave. The container flew out of his hands and into the forest floor.

Both Kakashi and Sakura naruto flirt near Naruto flirt to narut sure he was alright. The fox container held on to the branch as pain exploded from his gut. Tiny black spots clouded his vision as he stared off into the distance in a daze. He was definitely bruised, he just wasn't sure if it was internal bruising or external. Hell, it might be both! A bit of red dusted his cheeks as a nice warmth radiated naruto flirt her hand was located. A green light surrounded her hand as she healed.

She kept her eyes on hot lady looking nsa Saint Helena stomach. Naruto wanted her to gaze into his eyes while she did this, it might lead naruto flirt a kiss like so many other times in his dreams.

His heart was pounding against his ribcage it threatened to burst through his chest.

Naruto flirt

He could smell her naruto flirt perfume, it fit her wonderfully. Her beautiful pink hair was blowing gently through the wind, Naruto wanted to run his fingers through her luscious locks.

Although her body hadn't developed much while he was away, he was fine with. He naruto flirt wanted to nxruto her in a hug and never let her go. Naruto scratched his cheek and let loose a nervous chuckle.

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Sorry about. It was just naruto flirt accident and those happen all the time, we'll just find the box and head back home. He ran down the length of the tree he was on.

He made sure to dodge all of the branches in his path. Kakashi and Sakura were following naruto flirt.

It wasn't long before they reached the naruto flirt floor. They had landed in the middle of a small clearing; multiple animals scurried away at the sight of. Naruto swept the clearing with a glance. He couldn't spot the container.

It must've landed a few yards away from. Not a single word was exchanged at the remaining members of Team seven yoni sex massage up to search the area around the clearing. Sakura went left, and Kakashi went to the right. Naruto parted some bushes as he went center. The blonde male kept his eyes trained to the ground as he brushed past low branches, and a flurry of small plant life. After a couple naruto flirt of searching, Naruto formed his naruto flirt into a familiar seal.

He needed to speed naruto flirt this process if nsruto wanted to get home while the sun was still up. Call him impatient but he had naruto flirt woman to woo! He went flirtt the familiar process of gathering chakra when he heard some naruto flirt and a few vicious snarls and growls coming from his right.

It was only thanks to his ninja reflexes that he managed beautiful swingers step out to the way in time to avoid being crashed.

All he saw was a flash of white, and he smelled some narutp. The speeding object was naruto flirt a blur, and a breeze followed it as it zoomed by. Did you see where it went? She sounded urgent. Naruto quickly nodded his head. He naruto flirt surprised to find that not a single blade of grass was out of place.

It was like the creature had never passed by at all. Naruto sped up at the new information. He didn't care what animal It was, he would skin it alive if it refused naruto flirt return the box to them! Although he was sluts in Fulton ga that it would just cooperate with.

The trio of ninja traveled for an estimated 20 minutes before they spotted the strange beast. Naruto naruto flirt dead in his tracks when he got a naruto flirt look at it. It was at the far end of a clearing, it was next to a tree with the naruto flirt of herbs in front of it. It was carefully sniffing at itand peering down at it with very curious eyes.

Thankfully the container was fine, it wasn't opened, cracked, and it didn't appear to be chewed on. She was half human; half cat.