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Playhouse adult theater tampa I Ready Cock

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Playhouse adult theater tampa

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Nastiest place I have ever seen. Looks like one big the glory hole sex gas station toilet, and smells like it. Locker wouldn't lock because they were all busted. Went there a few months ago and was shocked to find front desk workers huddled under a tarp stretched out over the counter zdult electrical sound and video equipment to keep the heavily playhouse adult theater tampa rainwater off.

Playhouse Theatre in Tampa, FL - Cinema Treasures

The roof appears to be rotted through and has major leaks in many places. Free porno drunk smell of mold and rot permeates the air. Showers are filthy and have broken knobs and fixtures and feces in the corners. No soap to be found. I reported this to code enforcement. Nothing. Great place to catch a deadly disease. Went last night and it was not only embarrassingly bad, it was playhouse adult theater tampa This place playhouse adult theater tampa to be gutted and redone or just knocked down by a team of bulldozers.

Entering through the rickety front doors was a laugh--the outer door is nearly falling off and the inner door is some pretense of a security door made of plywood and a pipe.

Sloping floors make for awkward navigation in the nearly playhouse adult theater tampa darkness. Halfway to the lockerroom was an area of worn out sofas with a leaking playhouse adult theater tampa where water poured in. The lockers themselves were ALL broken and not to be trusted for safely storing any valuables. Non-functional urinals, showers, and other "sanitation" fixtures look as though the mantra here is "once it is broken don't ever fix it".

Rude signs about adut providing maid service" playhouss a hostile attitude toward paying clientele who are grossly overcharged, particularly when none of the money taken in is applied to maintenance.

This is a sick and shameful example of just how bad Tampa can really be.

Rainbow Cabaret/Playhouse Theatre reviews, photos - Drew Park - Tampa Bay - GayCities Tampa Bay

Quit going there several years back because it was such a wreck but after the Ybor facility closed we had nothing left playhouse adult theater tampa the two Drew Park clubs. Tampa Mens Club had extremely rude and insulting staff and is overpriced and fake, with nobody. Rainbow Cabaret now is similarly.

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The roof is rotting through and leaking everywhere, collapsing onto the former TV area where they have spread plastic playhouse adult theater tampa. Slip and fall hazard is amplified greatly on those playhhouse floors. Filth, decay, and total absence of even a bar of soap or working lavatories and urinals leave this place ready for the wrecking ball.

I started going playhouse adult theater tampa 10 yrs ago when the first opened up and it was a busy place with a nice staff. But sadly none of the money the place was making black wife getting fucked reinvested so the place went down hill quickly but just how far down I had no idea.

When I went back a couple months ago I was amazed just how bad it had gotten and dangerous, but I'll get to that in a minute. The once friendly staff has been replaced with a staff of very unhappy, rude lazy people that would not playhouse adult theater tampa good customers service if they were slapped in the face with it.

Playhouse adult theater tampa I Search People To Fuck

And speak to customers in a very down grading almost abusive way. But as for the place it's self, well in all honesty it should be shut down as a health Hazzard.

This venerable old theatre building, still in existence in the Drew Park section a community actors' playhouse, and most recently, as an adult features theatre. Find 6 listings related to Playhouse Adult Theater in Tampa on See reviews, photos, directions, phone numbers and more for Playhouse Adult Theater. 18 Judy's Book Reviews of Playhouse Adult Theatre in Tampa, FL specializing in Theater - “If you are gay and don't mind the filth -dirt- go. Otherwise skip this.

Anybody with half a adulg would realize that while running a playhouse adult theater tampa that promotes anal sex and the releasing of body fluids that extra sanitation measures would need to be taken. But not this place. This place has recently removed all soap dispensers from the promises because people were using too.

I can think of no place than a bathhouse that would need soap. And the staff there is lazy and takes absolutely no pride nor concern that the amount of filth that has accumulated over the last ten years is now actually adylt health Hazzard.

Playhouse adult theater tampa enough that I myself had gotten a staph infection twice from going. So patron beware.

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Not interested Went there last night after party. Door was fell off.

I Search Sex Tonight Playhouse adult theater tampa

When I went inside other door was plywood. Looked dirty so I left. Not interest in spend money in trashy place.

Adult theater/bathhouse complex. Rainbow Cabaret/Playhouse Theatre at Ave, Tampa, FL Visit GayCities for reviews. Reviews on Adult Theater in Tampa, FL - Fantasyland Adult Center, Todd Couples Superstore, Hot Flixx, Planet X Adult Super Center, Tres Equis, Everything. Costumes and actors and plays, oh my! Playhouse Adult Theater offers engaging theater for you and everyone you know in Tampa. Parking is plentiful, so.

Due for a Total Makeover This is the most ramshackle cesspit of a bathhouse I have ever encountered. It was bad when I first discovered it 8 years ago but now it is beyond ruin. Start at the front doors--they are rusted through and falling off the hinges. The inner "security" door, consisting of a piece of plywood and a pipe, is a pathetic joke. Inside, most of the lockers are busted out and will not latch. The TV in the lounge does not work and the vending machines are only playhouse adult theater tampa a step behind, often empty or failing to deliver after taking money.

One short, balding attendant is rude, crude and a total discouragement at playhouse adult theater tampa best--try calling on the phone to find out how totally malevolent he can be!

The entire playhoyse is a leaking, drafty old barn dressed with leftover debris from a thrift store refuse pile. Mold, mildew and grime are. Patrons no longer are. Gay Tampa has the most horrible and exploitative bathhouse scene in the U. Utterly disgraceful.

This playhouse adult theater tampa is sleaze and classified free, but it's all part of the excitement.

It attracts a varied clientele, mostly older, but all hot as hell. Little attitude and tmapa kinds hardcore escorts kink in sauna, sling, dark maze, patio, and many dark corners. I have never gone away frustrated. For some reason, it attracts mega-hung guys. One other thing--most people here don't live a gay lifestyle, so they playhouse adult theater tampa let loose when playhouse adult theater tampa get a chance.

Lunch hours can be hot, Weekend days and nights are wild. Make sure you bring sandals. I write a lot of review for places like this and this was the creepiest of them all. If you want chrome fixtures, marble floors go else.

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Playhouse Adult Theatre in Tampa, FL | Citysearch

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