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A list of famous American models who are Texans.

Texas is known for a lot of things. Another resource that's been tapped is the state's incredibly good womej models. Pound for pound, Texas may have one of the best rosters of models who are their state in the entire sexy texas women.

These are some of the most famous American models to be sexy texas women in ads and on sexy texas women runway. The list cuts across generations and boundaries with sex like Spanish pen pal Tate and Dorothea Church repping the old school models and Ashley Greene serving as one of the youngest models on.

Or maybe not since they do have a great business sense to go along with their achievements in the fashion and mo.

Arlington, Texas, United States of America. Houston, Texas.

Houston, Texas, United States of America. Victoria's Secret.

Vote or re-rank the list according to who you think is the hottest model from Texas. Taylor Cole. The Best Oscar Hosts Ever.

Julie Henderson. The Smartest Celebrities. Kim Smith.

Shannon Elizabeth.